Waterford Twp Meeting 2013

12/11/2012 – LMRR Revocation Notice stated the following:

“As my State, County and local reports show enough evidence that you are not in compliance with your Planning Board approval, I have no other choice but to REVOKE your business registration at this time.

Furthermore I am issuing this report to the planning board to rescind your Planning Board approval of a Use Variance.  You will be scheduled to appear at the Jan 15, 2013 Planning Board meeting at 7:30 pm at the municipal building located at 2131 Auburn Ave, Atco NJ 08004.

At this time you are to cease all operations of this business immediately.  You will no longer be able to open for business at your current location until you have come before the Waterford Twp Planning Board.  You will be able to care for the animals at the current location until arrangements are made to bring about compliance to the above mentioned issues or your Jan 15th hearing which ever comes first.  The penalty of non-compliance of this notice will be a direct violation of the Code of the Twp of Waterford and will result in a daily penalty of $1250.00 a day”.

Sincerely, Edward Toussaint

Director of Community Development

The Waterford Twp Planning Board Meeting notes from 1/15/2013 are not available on the Twp website as of yet: http://www.waterfordtwp.org/township/Calendar.html
However Notes were taken by attendees of the Waterford Twp Planning Board Meeting, these notes are referenced below and are claimed to be accurate.  (WPM cannot verify the validity of these notes at this time).


“The conditions that need to be met are everything that was listed on the Twp Notice . http://causes.worldpeacemeet.com/stoplmrr/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/LMRR-shut-down.pdf

LMRR must be in compliance with all of the County, State and township Health codes.  Inspectors must be allowed in the building during the day, if not LMRR is shut down permanently.

If LMRR comes into compliance in 7 days, the board stated they are to do so with warnings. If things are good for a few weeks and however reverts back to old ways, they will be shut down.  Edward Toussaint and Twp Board Members stated that LMRR has had enough opportunities and warnings and the decision will be made at the meeting date on 1/23/2013.

Waterford Twp Workshop Meeting is Scheduled on 1/23/2013 @ 7:30 pm; which may determine if the requirements given to LMRR were met.

Listen To The Audio Recorded Meeting Here: http://causes.worldpeacemeet.com/stoplmrr/waterford-town-meeting-2013/twp-meeting-audio/

Please check the County website for the Workshop Meeting Agendas:  http://www.waterfordtwp.org/township/Welcome.html