A Tribute To Flower

No animal taken in by a “Rescue” facility should live in such Horror, Neglect Cruelty and Suffering.   Thank you Terri for the respect and love you gave to Flower.

A Tribute to Flower And Her Rescuer

I was a volunteer for LMRR in May, 2009,

I met a plain brown bunny named Flower that could not use her back legs properly. When I asked what was with her, I was told they were waiting on test results but that she was on medication. Her pen was always dirty due to her non ability to get around properly. She would knock over her food and water bowls and kick out litter and feces when trying to use her box. I would refill all several times during the day while I was there. I gave her a water bottle instead of bowl to keep her drier. Due to the dirty litter pans with maggots and lack of food and water for all animals in the rescue, I worried about Flower daily as I lived 1-1/2 hours away and only saw her every two weeks.

This went on until late June when I arrived at LMRR and did not see Flower. Kristie Corson was on one of her frequent vacations and no one knew where Flower was. I hoped she had gone into foster care.

In mid July, I was at LMRR and was asked to check on the animals inside the house.  I found Flower in a back bedroom, alone in the dark. She was in a laundry basket with cloth towels underneath her. She was soaked in urine and had feces stuck to her butt the size of the palm of my hand and had an empty water bottle and no food. I picked her up and she promptly peed more than any bunny I have ever seen. She was obviously trying to hold it due to her living conditions.

I decided at that point to take her home with me. The next week I called rabbit vets in the North Port area and found that Flower had appointments but was never seen. I took her to Dr. James Hughes in Oldsmar, FL. He diagnosed her with damage due to internal parasites; Flower was also having seizures so she was put on Panacur and Phenobarbital.

I also researched holistic medicine and found Dr. Shawna Green, in Clearwater, FL. She treated Flower with B12 acupuncture injections and herbal medicines to help with the seizures. Flower lived happily with me until Feb. 5, 2010, when she told me she was tired and ready to leave me. She passed away with the help of gentle hands, in my arms, wrapped in her pink blankie.

Flower died with dignity as she so deserved. Flower arrived at LMRR in 2007. I believe; and had confirmation through Dr. Hughes, that had Kristie Corson treated Flower when her symptoms started, she would have lived a longer life. Flower was only around three years old.

Written by Terri Robinson, 2009/2010, Volunteer for LMRR


RIP Flower, we fight for you.


  1. Comment by Thunder Bun:

    RIP Flower bunny. I’m so happy you found love if only for a short time. Binky free with the angels beautiful girl.

  2. Comment by admin:

    I am so sorry for your suffering but so happy you found a safe home and the love you deserved. RIP Flower and live on in your beautiful owners heart.