Volunteer Testimonies

The following testimonies were received by Volunteers who speak out about their experiences at LMRR, WPM does not verify, warrant or investigate the statements provided by previous volunteers.


Rabbit Flower was claimed to be found sick and dying in a clothes basket. 
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According to LMRR volunteers there were regularly Filthy urine and feces soaked cages that had not been cleaned for days.

Volunteers state the rabbit below was KC’S personal bunny with urine scald and matted hair so bad it was covering its genitals, and was one of many of her pets that lived in the garage/shelter.  They also claim to have spent hours a day there, where there were over 100 animals living in deplorable conditions, many sick and in need of medical care.

They reported that maggots and flies were a bad problem at LMRR, especially with personal pets where 3 huge french lops lived in a dark nasty corner where their litter pans were filled with maggots, the rabbits would be found sitting in close to two inches of squished feces and urine.  Flies and maggots = fly strike in rabbits.

Filth, no food or water –

A goat was seen running around the rescue getting into everything while volunteers claim they were trying to get the bunnies out of their carriers after their surgeries.

You can see part of the LMRR murals in the background below. Fly strips were bought in an attempt to help with the flies – they were full in no time.

Below is a photo of the “poo pit” at the North Port location. You can see nasty urine-soaked litter, debris, discarded water bottles & toys. The fleas & flies out there were awful.

The volunteers state they just thought LMRR was in over their head and needed some help.  However, this neglect  has been documented since 2003 when the first rabbits were rescued from LMRR, throughout today’s date referencing the DOH reports and photos.

The Fall 2008 pictures below were taken at the Feather Terrace address in North Port (before KC moved to the Atwater house)

Fall 2008:  Rory – Born at LMRR (brother to Roxy).  Died at LMRR.

Fall 2008: Fozzy – also seen above with his mate Tamber.

Fall 2008:  Nathan – thin, dull coat and general poor condition.  A volunteer took him home to rehab him.  He improved.

Fall 2008:  Marley – emaciated rabbit.

Fall 2008:  French lop.  Filthy, small cage.

Fall 2008:  Same gray French lop.  Now moved to garage…cage is more filthy.

Fall 2008:  Litter boxes of KC’s  personal rabbits- French lops.  Filthy, no hay.

Fall 2008:  Continued – Rabbit laying in Neglect and Filth

More to come