The End of LMRR 2003

According to Staff/Volunteers of LMRR About 140 rabbits were abandoned in 2003 and NJSPCA was Investigating.
Why were animal cruelty charges not filed by NJSPCA?

The end of LMRR

“Tonight July 24th the NJ SPCA arrived at the Corson Residence for
further investigation and the ax has come down basically, a raid is
probably set to take place any day now…..could be tomorrow, could
me a week from now, but it will probably be soon.

But time is coming very close and if anyone else wants to pull some
buns out of there they are encouraged to contact me or contact Judy
directly at LMRR.

I am at full capacity and beyond so can not take any more… anyone
who can even sqeeze one in, please do, but be cautious because we
know there is pasturella and EC floating around.

kris blew it. many of them are going to be euthenized and or are
very sick.many of them. she lied to us. and the poor bunnies are getting
to suffer for it.  she needs to grow up and go home and face the music.
many have been pulled out but not all. ronie was trying to help too but
no one seemed to have a clue and didn’t use her help. i hope it is not
too late for her to help . if it is. it is not her fault. i watched them
ignore her.. i am ashamed of kris”..

References from Rabbit Rescues that took in LMRR Rabbits

Dewey: passed away on July 28th. Also known as Little Man, Dewey had come into foster care in June 2003 with TRH, after surviving the horrors of Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue. Dewey had many health issues that were cleared up in our care. Adopted in December of 2003, he was a sweet and feisty little bunny boy, who loved his friends in the back pen – Guthrie and CJ. He joins a host of friends at the Bridge – Lana, Clancy, Roger, Roxie, Igloo, and Rusty. Mommy will miss her little man with the big appetite.

Snoopy: passed away, following a short illness, on July 24th, 2005. Snoopy was one of the Little Miracles bunnies taken in by TRH, when they were closing their doors. Adopted out for less than 14 hours, Snoopy decided to come home, to live with his foster mom for the rest of his days. He leaves behind a close bunny companion, Quinn, and a mommy who misses him every day. You will be with me forever and always, Snoopy, my sweet, little bundle of cuteness.

Kate: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny, passed away during surgery on June 14th, 2005. Formerly of Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue, Kate and 14 other bunnies arrived at The Rabbit Habit in June of 2003, where they received adequate food and health care. Kate was the last Little Miracles bunny in foster care, and was awaiting an upcoming adoption/bonding when she passed away. She was a tiny cutie, who was sweet and attentive outside her cage. You will be missed by all of the Rabbit Habit members and volunteers, Kate, and especially by foster mom, Kerry, whose love goes with you.

Another rabbit rescuer contacted me back in 2003, to see if I could take any of the LMRR buns into my rescue. We took in 15, and sent 2 of those to another rabbit rescue in PA. We were also responsible for getting an additional rabbit rescue in DE to take in 30 more of the LMRR bunnies.

The night they came into my home/rescue, was one I will never forget. All very underweight, many ill, and ALL so depressed that it could be felt so intensely. I had about five volunteers here helping me get them settled. No one could even speak, because we felt this unbelievable, thick depression coming from all of those sweet souls. Most volunteers were quietly wiping tears away. One bun died only days after arriving, because nobody bothered to clip her maloccluded incisors, even though KC had been home from FL one month prior to them coming here. Her poor body shut down, due to the starvation, as she was unable to eat. My vet and I could not save her. She was a beautiful brown and white lop.

Another Letter Reference 

To Whom It May Concern,

I work in Rabbit Rescue in New Jersey.

It is my sincerest hopes that this email, finally falls into the right hands. Into hands that have enough compassion to read this email and want to help the ones who are suffering from injustice. In advance, I apologize for the length of this email, but I think it is very important that my story be told in light of recent situations.

Some years ago, in New Jersey, a girl who called herself Kris Corson, director of Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue, than based out of Voorhees, New Jersey in her parents’ home contacted me for help. She had told me that she had to temporarily go to Florida and asked me to take in several of her rabbits. When I took the rabbits in, I was not prepared for the condition they came to me in. All of the rabbits she brought to me had a massive amount of fleas, were too thin and were sneezing and obviously ill. Their bottoms and feet were raw and filthy as well.

A few weeks later, I received an email from several people, asking me if I could take more rabbits from the Corson home, because there were several complaints from different people about the condition of the rabbits that were coming out of the Corson home. There were also complaints that Miss Corson was taking donations allegedly to pay for the care of those rabbits, but none of the rabbits were being cared for or receiving any medical attention whatsoever. Many people had called their local animal control, and nothing was done about it because the local animal control did not at the time facilitate small animals. So when nothing was done, I decided to step in and see what I could do. Kris Corson had left for Florida and not returned, leaving the rabbits in the care of her parents.

Myself and a volunteer of mine both established a sort of “friendship” with Kris’s mother so she would give us access to the rabbits. Unfortunately we were never able to take pictures because Kris’s mother never let us out of her sight for even a moment. But what we saw was appalling. There were literally over 350(three hundred and fifty) rabbits on the Corson property. Each room that contained rabbits there were very small cages, stacked from the floor almost to the ceiling full of rabbits. There was a shed (with a broken air conditioner) that housed so many rabbits you couldn’t get more than a foot inside the door. Every day we went to remove rabbits and transport them to other rescues and foster homes, clean cages and try to treat sick rabbits.

Each cage had a litter pan that was filled with what looked like black dirt (but was feces) and the litter pan itself was chewed down to just a flat bottom because the rabbits were NEVER out of those tiny cages so they were extremely bored. The fleas in the home itself was so bad, that Hal and I had to wear long clothing in the middle of summer to keep them from covering our legs and arms with bites.
The rabbits we removed from there, had a variety of problems, severe head tilt(from ear infections gone untreated), urine sludge from improper diet, sore hocks(feet), lethargy from fleas, and the most common problem, sneezing blood!

Animal control did show up to the Corson home in the middle of us removing the rabbits once, took pictures and left, but since they did not get a warrant, Kris had told her mother to only give them access to a few of the rooms that she kept rabbits in. Since the rabbits were all hidden behind closed doors (and I believe the room that held the sickest rabbits was even locked!), the animal control officer had no idea how many rabbits there really were. Not to mention the fact that he had come the day before and was denied access, so told them he would be back the following day to see the rabbits. So they had 24 hours notice. After the officer’s investigation, he advised Kris Corson’s parents that once the other rescues involved took all of the rabbits or most, to not take in any more rabbits.

Because as a rescue, our PRIMARY goal was to rescue and help the rabbits we rescued from the Corson home, the investigation aspect of it fell to the wayside. I was horrified when I heard that Kris Corson, had started calling herself Kristie Corson and was rescuing rabbits and other animals full force in the state of Florida now. Through networks I started hearing more and more stories of how she was not caring for the rabbits, and how she was collecting donations but the money was not accounted for and animals were once again not getting the medical care they needed!

It is even more shocking to learn that Kristie Corson is an officer of the law. Being such she is often seen on message forums using her influence as an officer to intimidate people who complain about the lack of care the animals are receiving and the way she is spending money she raises as donations. She brags about her position with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s office(Florida) any time trouble comes her way.

Besides that, when she was in New Jersey, she claimed to have her 501c(3) not for profit status with the IRS when in fact she did not.

Recently I sent out several requests for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s department to look into their deputy Kristie Corson’s rescue and in turn, did not receive a return email . Instead all I have received is indirect threats from Miss Corson herself for “ratting her out to her boss” and I was told that her boss told her just to be more careful in the future.

Even though, there are MANY witnesses accounts from now and back when she lived in NJ , documentations, and even videos and pictures that prove that Kristie Corson is still neglecting the animals in her care, nothing is being done to help the animals who are suffering. We were told that the local Animal Control would not do an investigation because Miss Corson is a police officer. I can personally provide many many names and other information from other bystanders as well.

If you do research on animal hoarding and the collecting of animals to make a profit, you will see that MANY of the cases involve high profile people, people who have earned respect in the community. They are usually smart and very manipulative.

So I beg of you now, for the animals that have already suffered, the ones that are suffering now, and the ones who will if something is not done- AND the people who have been victimized by this woman, PLEASE tell me what can be done for them, to stop this once and for all. Consider this, What if it were your pet you had to turn over to this rescue? What if it were your hard earned money being spent improperly?