River Rescue Rabbits Covered In Fleas?

Continued from: Unnecessary & Dangerous Meds Given To Rescued Rabbits At LMRR

According to the LMRR Facebook Posts the River Rescue Rabbits were: Out of Control and COVERED from head to toe with fleas crawling in their ears.

River Rescue Photos Posted on the LMRR Facebook Page

River Rescue

SNIP from LMRR Website:  River Rescue Bunnies, Organized by LMRR
We bought $40 worth of flea and tick soaks, and every rabbit has to be treated deeply, to make sure that all the fleas are dead before they go into foster. ALL the bunnies are urine-soaked, and they are all COVERED in bite wounds. COVERED. These bunnies are all suffering from fights and territorial attacks from all the other bunnies who are desperately seeking food”.

Is it common practice for LMRR & volunteers to examine and medically treat the rabbits without Vet Supervision?
Were these rabbits properly tested for worms?  Why were they given Antibiotics?

LMRR stating dip is not used but Flea spray is massaged into the fur.
Which is it LMRR?  Flea & Tick Soaks or Flea Spray?

Exactly what is the Name of this Safe topical flea spray for rabbits?

Flea dip used again on this post?

Common Example of Rabbit Flea Dirt not seen in the LMRR Rescue photos above.

Please note: The LMRR River Rescue photos show most of the rabbits living in enclosed bird cages, however there were a few loose rabbits shown outside (reason unknown).  It is highly noted and advised that rabbits should Not under any circumstances live side by side with birds due to the toxic bird droppings, however depending on the owners choice to keep or give up the rabbits, education and on proper housing and monitored care along with help from rescues with spay and neuters may have been a better choice than removing the rabbits from this facility.