LMRR Is Shutting Down, Revocation of Business Registration Notice 2012

Dear Rabbit Advocates,

According to Camden County Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue is not closing due to financial issues, it was shut down by the County for not complying with the regulations and zoning issues that they had been informed of on numerous occasions. They raised money to make these improvements and the improvements were never made.

LMRR was required to keep their number of animals under 100 according to Waterford Township officials and they did not comply. Waterford Township is in NJ. Here is their website: http://www.waterfordtwp.org/ and note they are also located in Atco NJ, the same as LMRR.

If you would like further information on the shutdown of LMRR please contact jperry@camdencounty.com or contact the Planning ((856) 768-2300 ext. 2) or Zoning Board((856) 768-2300 ext. 5): planning@waterfordtwp.org and zoning@waterfordtwp.org

View the Report Here: Township of Waterford – Dec. 11th, 2012  LMRR Revocation Notice

Help was offered to take in all of the small animals (guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, rats etc) that were in Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue. They denied the help due to a personal issue they had with one of the 15 rescues involved. These rescues (and more) are still willing and able to help place the animals if LMRR would allow this to happen. There are safe places for all of the animals to go including the rabbits, but it is up to the president of LMRR to accept the help.  Rescues and foster homes are working hard to help these animals, but they need Your Help!

LMRR has a history of taking in more rabbits and other animals than they can properly care for which results in lack of food, medical care and proper living conditions.
Rabbits are not similar to dogs or cats,  when not eating or pooing for 8 -12 hours it is considered an emergency because the result is GI Stasis which is a serious life threatening condition, rabbits can also dehydrate in 23 hours from lack of water.
See recent videos of the LMRR Facility where rabbits are seen with no food or hay:   http://www.youtube.com/user/seraphanjil?feature=watch

Please call the NJSPCA and file a Hoarding & Animal Cruelty Complaint and Help Get These Rabbits To Immediate Safety.  http://www.njspca.org/report-abuse.htm

If you would like  to help Foster or Adopt any of these rabbits or other small animals please contact: rabbitrescue@mail.com
Please research before sending LMRR donations.

There are alleged reports that LMRR may be moving back to Florida, Please Help Stop This Hoarding Facility From Moving from State to State and Re-Opening for the 4th time!  

Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue

Yesterday via mobile

Unfortunately, the time has come that we have to close down. We came up nearly $6,000 short of our winter fundraisers “normal” income. I’m sorry. No- we are not in debt (we have no outstanding credit cards, and only family loans to figure out), NO, we are not in trouble, NO, we are not being forced. NO, we don’t want this to happen.We can’t pay our rent ($1350) for dec and jan that was due, can’t

pay back the $2200 loan that paid our electric and orders for stock to open the store. We are shipping everyone’s calendars with the only $500 we have. We can’t afford to fix the seven bunnies waiting to go home (they were adopted, but their surgeries will cost us twice the adoption fees), we have a $1200 electric bill hanging over our heads. The truth is, the rescue costs us over $3700-$4500 a month, and we take in, maybe, $1500 a month. Our fundraisers barely scratch the surface of extreme needs, like a special surgery, or sponsoring certain bunnies, while operating costs languish…. Our family of two can no longer keep the rescue open, we are out of money. The animals will continue to get fine care until they are placed, somehow, but most likely, no more will be fixed, and we will eventually shut down the building. Without around $7500, we can’t rebound from the massive loss that this years Jingle Ball was, I’m sorry. We were just victims of a $2300 scam fake donation check that wrecked our bank account…. Kristie nearly killed herself working ridiculously long hours for months, mostly alone to get the event done. We wish we could keep helping the animals and saving lives, but, unfortunately, no one seems to understand the cost of running such and operation, our volunteer group has fallen apart, with most helpers coming in once a month at most. As people keep treating us like doormats, dumping animals they won’t fix, people promising donations they never deliver, and being tormented endlessly to upgrade, we just can’t do it anymore. Most likely, by our 13th anniversary, we will be halfway through placing the animals in homes and by February, there will likely be no more LMRR. The sweepstakes will still be drawn and the thousands in donated gifts will be given away. I will figure out some way to compensate, or fill orders for the handful of remaining or outstanding orders. If you want a bunny, you will have to fix them yourself,as we can’t afford $150s/$95n each, just paying for people to adopt bunnies has destroyed our savings and we have nothing. We can’t even buy a Christmas tree or buy our 2 year old gifts. I’ve had a tooth broken in half for four months I can’t even afford to pull. We’ve given everything we have, and have nothing left. I wish this wasn’t the case.

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