License Violations

Continuation sheet for inspection conducted on July 24, 2012 by Linda Frese and Renee Cirillo, New Jersey Department of Health, and James Perry, Camden County Department of Health.

1.10 (a)1. Stray animals are accepted into the facility although the facility is not licensed as a “pound” and the shelter is not contracted with or authorized by any New Jersey municipality to accept and impound stray animals. Any animal brought to the facility that is known to be or suspected to be a stray animal must not be accepted into the facility, but must be turned over to the contracting animal impoundment facility for the municipality where the animal was found.

Wild rabbits were found at the facility at the time of this inspection. Wild animals must be turned over to a wildlife rehabilitator currently licensed in New Jersey by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.
People bringing animals to the facility are ordered to sign an owner surrender form even when the person bringing the animal into the facility states that they are not the owner of the animal and the animal was found as a stray. One example is a rabbit named Princess, 8 weeks old, which arrived at the facility on 6/19/12, ID #PR061912. This practice of falsifying documents must cease immediately and all stray animals must be handled as stated above.

1.13 (a) Some animals housed at the facility did not have proper records at the time of this inspection. A cage card on a cage that was empty, but had not been cleaned, showed that Aerie, ID number 5/9/12, was adopted on 5/19/12. This animal was said to be owned by the facility president, but when questioned, the name of the animal as stated on the cage card was unknown and no records were found for this animal. Inspectors were told that several animals marked as adopted on the cage card were actually owned by the facility president.

Animals that are said to have been born at the facility are recorded as stray on the animal’s records.
All animals housed at the shelter must have proper records indicating the date the animal arrived, description of the animal, breed, age, and sex; name of the owner or person from whom the animal was acquired, and the final disposition of the animal when the animal dies or otherwise leaves the facility.

Please note:

In accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:25-4.3., exotic species and nongame species requiring a permit for possession include, but are not limited to the following:
Ferret – Mustela pertorius furo Kinkajou – Potos flavus European Hedgehog – Erinaceus europeaus Dwarf Hamster – Phodopus spp. Chinchilla – Chinchilla spp. Sugar Glider – Petaurus breviceps Exotic Sheep – Ovis aries Exotic Goats – except Capra hircus
Please contact the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife for more information and to apply for a permit for the sugar glider and any other species housed at the Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue Shelter that require a permit.
 Exotic Species Permits – 609-292-9591