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Main Complaint to:
Mayor Maryann Merlino

Waterford Township Police Chief: John W. Knoll

NJ Board of Freeholders (Commissioners)

Louis Cappelli, Jr. –  Freeholder Director, 
Edward T. McDonnell -Freeholder Deputy Director, Rodney A. Greco, Ian K. Leonard, Scot N. McCray, Jeffrey L. Nash, Carmen G. Rodriguez

Voorhees Township Police Department Crime Prevention Unit




Main Complaint:

Mayor Merlino, Board of Freeholders, Voorhees Township Police Department, USDA, NJ Dept.of Health and State Board of Veterinary Examiners,

I would like to file a complaint and ask for a proper investigation into Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue regarding the neglect found by the Department of Health this year as well as request that the following documents and testimonies provided on this website are reviewed:

Please investigate and advise on the following issues:

1. Mayor Merlino, Why are 11 year old children working at this shelter and being held responsible for animal care or working without supervision by adults?  Reference

2. Voorhees Township Police Department, can you please advise if it is Legal to carry and use a police badge expecting professional Courtesy when you are no longer employed by the Police Department?  Reference

Kristie Corson previously worked as a police officer at the Charlottes County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

3. State Board of Veterinary Examiners, according to the New Jersey Statutes Annotated. Title 45. Professions and Occupations. Subtitle 1. Professions and Occupations Regulated by State Boards of Registration and Examination. Chapter 16. Veterinary Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry. 45:16-8.2. Facilities; clean and sanitary:  Facilities maintained and used in connection with the practice of Veterinary medicine shall be clean and sanitary.

45:16-8.1. Practice defined: Any person shall be regarded as practicing veterinary medicine within the meaning of this chapter, who, either directly or indirectly, diagnoses, prognoses, treats, administers, prescribes, operates on, manipulates, or applies any apparatus or appliance for any disease, pain, deformity, defect, injury, wound or physical condition of any animal, including poultry and fish, or who prevents or tests for the presence of any disease in animals, or who performs embryo transfers and related reproductive techniques, or who holds himself out as being able or legally authorized to do so.

Were these rabbits and the other rabbits at this facility diagnosed by a Licensed Vet before treatment?
Scroll down to the Sub Q Fluid and Medicine Section: Here

4. USDA NJ, Please advise if LMRR has a current USDA license and permit to take in Exotics such as Chinchillas, Sugar Gliders, dwarf hamsters?  Reference

5. Have the NJSPCA or Camden Co. Health Dept followed up on the 2012 DOH Investigation Reports sent to them from DOH dating 7/12 and 8/16 of 2012?   Has the Camden Co. Health Dept passed LMRR with a Health Inspection Certificate, was this building approved for the surgeries performed on Sept 9th 2012?  According to DOH this Certificate was not displayed at the facility.  On 5/6/2011 the NJ State Office of Animal Welfare and Camden Co. Health Dept attempted to inspect this shelter, an Unsatisfactory Rating was issued. See Here

Referencing the N.J.A.C. 8:23A NEW JERSEY ADMINISTRATIVE CODE several of the regulations have no been followed by LMRR:

The NJSPCA website states that abandonment of domesticated animals is considered Animal Cruelty.

According to staff and volunteers of LMRR on July 24th, 2003 the NJSPCA arrived at the Corson Residence for
further investigation and a raid was set to take place, they were desperately trying to find homes for several rabbits, many who had pasturella and EC, sick rabbits with contagious diseases. Reference
It appears that the NJSPCA has routinely turned a blind eye on the conditions at LMRR and Despite the 2003 and 2012 investigations NJSPCA references LMRR on their website today as a shelter for adoptable pets:

6. NJDOH New Jersey Dept. of Health, How does a 501C3 Animal Rescue pass County inspection and continue to remain open with failing inspection reports by your office?  A facility with failed DOH Inspections and repeated issues of neglect, sick animals and abandonment in the same State since the year 2003?  

7. Camden County Freeholders, How is it possible for a building that failed DOH Inspections also up to code with the County for animal surgeries?  Is there a separate surgical, recovery and iso room?   Does the LMRR facility have proper ventilation needed in the surgical room with Isoflurane?  Is the Veterinarian overseeing this facility not responsible to check this before performing surgeries at a facility?  

In most shelters, each animal receives a medical exam prior to adoption, how are rabbits with pasturella, syphilis and ear mites adopted out at LMRR if under supervision of Veterinary Care?  Why are sick animals not quarantined at LMRR?
Why is this facility operating with License Violations?

8. Is the President of LMRR trained in rabbit medicine and vet tech procedures, are the volunteers trained and carefully monitored? Does LMRR have a Fecalyzer to properly test for Coccidia before administering meds for parasites?  Were these rabbits diagnosed by a Vet to determine dehydration, coccidia and high fever before treatment?  

9. Mayor Merlino and Freeholders, Why is LMRR permitted to house (hoard) from 100-300 rabbits when they cannot properly clean the cages, change or provide sufficient water bottles or bowls daily, provide food, a healthy environment or proper medical care?  Animals are unable to remain clean and dry due to the excessive amount of excreta in their enclosures, cleaning fluids are poured into enclosures and cleaning solutions are sprayed and vacuumed from enclosures while the animals remained in the enclosures.  This is unacceptable and causes health issues.  Food or water is not protected from contamination at LMRR, cages are stacked on top of each other without flooring causing urine and feces drop into cages where rabbits were found covered in urine and feces. When left uncleaned this excreta becomes toxic upon inhalation.  Many water bottles were found empty and dirty with green slime inside the bottles, slim contains mold and is toxic to rabbits. See Example of thirsty rabbits Here.

10. State Board of Veterinary Examiners, Please advise how a professional Vet oversees a Rescue like this, visits their facility, treats rabbits, provides surgeries on site and does not see this lack of education, cruelty and irresponsibility?  How many rabbits have suffered and died from ignorance and untrained hands since this facility opened several years ago?  According to DOH this facility does not keep proper records or documentation, according to most adopters, adoption forms are not filled out. 

In Conclusion:

According to LMRR the rescue started in the year 2000.  In 2003, staff and volunteers claim that over 140 sick rabbits were abandoned in deplorable conditions in NJ by LMRR at 1103 Hudson Avenue, Voorhees, NJ 08043 when NJSPCA investigated the rescue at that time.  Local rescue groups report stepping in attempting to save the rabbits including Little Furries Rescue, but unfortunately it is reported that most of the rabbits were sick with pasteurella and EC and did not make it.  Records of a 501c3 have not been found for this time frame. lists LMRR filing a 5013c in 2007 at 2411 Atwater Dr North Port, FL 34288 that also became inactive in 2011.  LMRR refiled the non-profit org in November 2010 back in Atco NJ and is repeating same history of animal neglect and abuse as stated in references provided.

In the News backyard rabbit breeders are being charged with animal cruelty for keeping rabbits in this type of neglect, they are given supervised probation and limits on how many animals they are permitted to keep.  Most certainly having a 501c3 or rescue license should not give “special permissions” on animal neglect.  There is a fine line between rescuing and hoarding and it is outrageous that a facility who makes thousands of dollars in donations would have excuses for neglect let alone lack of proper education in animal care.  Many of the people concerned are rabbit rescuers or owners and are educated in proper care of rabbits and it is offensive that this ignorance and neglect is being taught to adopters and the general public as being acceptable.

We ask that this facility not be permitted to offer surgeries in house without passing DOH regulations or take in more rabbits and other animals that they can Not properly care for, we also ask that they receive proper education on small animal care and follow the regulations provided by the NJ Dept of Health or cease operations.

LMRR publically states the New Jersey Dept of Health has been unfairly bullying Little Miracles staff and wants people to “Demand that the NJ Health Department stop inspecting outside our hours of operation, that they stop wandering around multiple areas of our building, not allowing our staff to accompany them while they take photographs and interrogate junior volunteers”.  Reference:

Some of the LMRR references on their petition are inconsistent with the DOH reports, however it is advised that DOH please contact a Rabbit Savvy Veterinarian or the House Rabbit Society to understand proper guidelines for rabbit care.

Re the above petition and the DOH Reports, Rabbit FAQS are as follows:
(Please reference the House Rabbit Society Link Above)

Hay should not be stored in closed containers but should remain in open bags stored in cool areas to prevent moisture which could produce mold that is toxic to rabbits.

Rabbits do Not require hay in their litter box, however many rabbits enjoy it, soiled hay should not be left in the litter box and cleaning should be done once or twice daily.

Rabbits may be given pelleted food daily and they will not become overweight IF the food is not free fed but instead limited, if pellets are limited greens should be added to the diet, rabbits should be provided proper hay 24 hrs a day for digestion and teeth.  If rabbits are not provided pelleted food their diet must be balanced with a variety and sufficient amount of mixed greens along with hay and plenty of water.

Bleach leaves a residue and is toxic, white vinegar/water is safely used to clean rabbit enclosures.

Thank you for your time and consideration, please send a Confirmation acknowledging you have received this email.