Adopters Speak Out: Syphilis/Mites/Missing Rabbits

The following testimonies were received by Adopters who speak out about their experiences with LMRR, WPM does not verify, warrant or investigate the statements provided by previous adopters.


Adopter Statement: 

In 11/2009 Lola and Lucas were advertised on Petfinder by LMRR.  I was approved for adoption by Kristie Corson who waived the adoption fee, not through the adoption cordinator.

I was required to pay through the chipin for the plane seat of each individual rabbit.  The rabbits were to be delivered on two separate trips.  First, shortly after Christmas Lola was delivered to me in good condition.  No long after Kristie contacted me stating that Lucas was sick and he was going to see the Vet.  Later she said he was diagnosed with severe renal failure at “One Year Old”.  I spoke to her daily regarding his health and approxmiately 3 days later she notified me he had died.  At the time the shelter was advertising they were building a memorial garden so I asked that the money spent for the plane ticket be put toward a stone with his name on it.  To date 2013 – there is no memorial garden.  The total amount spent was just under $600.00, half of that should have went to his memorial.  I was never sent the adoption contract, she forgot to bring it when I picked up Lola, I asked for it several times and never received it.

About a year later I was contacted by another adopter that read this story online, she worked at the LMRR shelter in Florida and stated she in fact had Lucas and he had lived at her house and she was approved by the adoption cordinator.  However, Kristie Corsen called her and demanded she return the rabbit to the shelter because he was already adopted, he was then put in a filthy cage in Kristies garage.  Where is Lucas now?

Later I contacted Justin who is the President of LMRR, I asked for Lola and Lucas’s medical records, at that time he stated they did not keep individual medical records on the rabbits so there would be no way to provide me with this information.  I also asked where the money went that was paid for Lucas’s plane trip, I was informed he would look into it and get back to me.  I never heard back from him.

The next thing that happened, I was attacked on facebook by Kristie who threatened to press charges for harrassment and get a restraining order against me, this email was sent to my boyfriends email.  Feeling threatened I did not persue this any further.


Lisa D.

Lola at LMRR eating plastic flooring / filthy litter box.

Lola at Home

According to this Adopter:
 In 2011 Rabbit “Shadow” was adopted from LMRR, he had sores and other health issues and his condition continued to worsen.  Why are rabbits at LMRR being adopted out sick with disease and other health issues? 


































According to this AdopterBoth of the rabbits adopted from LMRR had Ear Mites; the rabbits were picked up the day before the Vet appointment.  The DOH has copies of this Report.