Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue

Little Miracles Rabbit rescue would like you to believe they run a professional and ethical rabbit rescue, however according to DOH Reports, LMRR Articles and Adopters Records it is our Opinion that this facility not only neglects the rabbits in their care by allowing them to live in filth; they also appear to be uneducated or properly trained in medical procedures and care of sick rabbits which in turn causes the rabbits in their care unnecessary suffering.  See Here
According to DOH Reports 170 – 203 animals were found at this facility, many living in filthy conditions and without water and proper food.  It is very clear by the reports and photos that LMRR takes in more rabbits than they can properly care for which should be considered hoarding.

How can a building that has failed DOH Inspections be up to code for animal surgeries, is there a separate Surgical, Recovery and ISO room required and available?  Did the County Approve this building for the 16 surgeries that were performed on Sept 9th?

Please review the following DOH reports, documents and testimonies provided on this site.  If you wish to file a complaint you may do so Here:

Camden County Health Dept  2011
Unsatisfactory Rating Issued
Camden-County-Health-Dept Report

Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue, Atco (Camden County), owned and operated by Kristie Corson, failed its kennel inspection on July 24, 2012 and was given a rating of “conditional B” on the follow-up inspection, August 16, 2012. A “Conditional B” is one level above failure, meaning serious deficiencies still need to be corrected before the facility is in compliance under the NJ Health Code.  Reference http://www.pwnj.org/

Dept of Health Investigation Reports 2012

Unsatisfactory:  7/24/12 – 117 rabbits, total 170 animals
Conditional B:   8/16/12 – 125 rabbits, total animals 203

DOH 7.24.12 Detail

DOH 7.24.12 Report

DOH 8.16.12 Detail

DOH 8.16.12 Report

DOH Investigation Photos 2012   

Township of Waterford – Dec. 11th, 2012 – LMRR Revocation of Business Registration Notice

DOH Insepction Report 1/22/2013:

Conditional B  1/22/2013 – 84 rabbits, total animals 94

DoH_1.22.13 Detail/Report

DOH Investigation Photos 1/22/2013


LMRR Public Posts

Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue · 5,175 like this
Thursday October 18, at 12:30 pm

If you thought that the donated Disney tickets for our December fundraiser was good news… wait until you hear this: WE JUST HAD THE CONTENTS OF A VETERINARY OFFICE (including x-ray machine, and isoflourine full set up) TRADED to us, for the ATV and Trailer that was given to Kristie last summer. When the girl gave Kristie the ATV & Trailer, she said “I’m sure you can find some way to make this benefit the bunnies”. Well. We just did!!!!! Our low cost spay-neuter clinic is WELL ON ITS WAY!!! http://www.facebook.com/LittleMiraclesRabbitRescue/posts/438135309578266

August 25, 2012
This construction will launch the shelter forward – giving us the ability to start taking vet appointments and setting up low-cost spay/neuter clinics for rabbits on site – bringing us income to help us stay open!
Additionally, we have about $1500 worth of supplies needed to finish health department requests, such as the ventilation of the dryer vent, purchasing steam-cleaning equipment, more paint needed to repair areas of walls that need to be re-touched and more.

Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue • 4,234 like this
September 9 at 12:12pm via mobile •
• Today we’re spaying and neutering a bunch of bunnies! For those of you waiting to hear about your babies, call after 5. We’ve got some bunnies getting done today who are already adopted and waiting to be fixed so they can take them home. Our spay/neuter goes forward even though the stalkers called the health dept to complain about it! Unreal these people….. apparently they WANT the rabbits to develop uterine cancer. Not happening on our watch!

Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue . They didn’t, Dawn. But they wanted to make sure we didn’t have any sick bunnies in the room where we’d be doing the surgeries. We don’t have any rabbits with contagious diseases right now anyway. When we do, if we do, they would be housed in isolation. But because someone “complained” to the health department about our doing spays/neuters for the shelter bunnies (YES- that IS the goal of these evil people – to hurt the rabbits) – but I spoke with the health dept people on Friday and made sure they weren’t taking issue with our spay/neuter, and they asked a few questions but said it wasn’t a problem.

Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue
 · 4,234 like this

September 9 at 5:41pm •

• Today’s surgeries went PERFECTLY! We fixed Emanuel, Carolina, Georgia, Acer, Zeus, Siessa, Soliere, Arthur, Kai, Egan, Cheyanna, Tiffany, Daisy-Mae, Ooshie, Azreah and Xander! We’ll do another batch of bunnies in a few weeks. Thanks to both Docs that came out and did an AWESOME PAWESOME job! Thank you for keeping our bunnies hoppy and healthy!

September 24, 2012
We’ve been working hard to spay/neuter big groups of bunnies, though we have many more to do. Pam’s working to coordinate those.

by Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 4:51pm ·

– On September 9th, we spayed and neutered 16 bunnies that were high-risk for cancer, spraying excessively or waiting to be adopted. We performed those surgeries in our NEWLY COMPLETED MEDICAL ROOM.

-By September 4th, The medical room had the sub-floor installed, with water-proof, “impervious to moisture” flooring installed above as required by the department of health. We installed drywall, and painted the room, and purchased a new-in-the-box (but second hand, and therefor very inexpensive) surgical table. This was one of the most expensive construction projects because the entire floor needed to be built up to level before we could install “impervious” flooring.

-We rented oxygen for use for all future surgeries at the rescue.

-We completed the clean-out of all three storage sheds on the LMRR property and moved 44 bales of hay onto our property for consumption!