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WOES/BCR Exploiting Big Cats

July 4, 2014 in Admin


Big Cat Rescue lobbies to shut down Private Owners of Exotic animals. See Wildlife on Easy Street (early BCR days) exploiting Big Cats while providing dangerous interactions with Big Cats and the public.
Video credit:   Dateline NBC 

April 12, 1998 – Strange Bedfellows At Tampa’s Wildlife On Easy Street
Wildlife on Easy Street in Tampa is a B&B that allows you to cuddle with the endangered or exotic young cat of your choice. By cat they mean a baby bobcat, cougar, leopard, serval or caracal. (Guests are required to sign a waiver covering any possibility of injury, but no one has ever been hurt by the cats.)


Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures – Season 7
Wildlife On Easy Street Episode 20 5/6/000.0 In Tampa, more than 200 unwanted, abused or abandoned animals, most of them exotic cats, live at the sanctuary on Easy Street.


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