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May 10, 2014 in Admin

What are Natural Born Instincts?

 Cats and dogs are domesticated predators. They have natural prey-chasing, capturing, and killing instincts. As a result of this and the large numbers of them in Florida, cats and dogs have the potential to severely impact local wildlife populations. Florida’s endangered beach mice are due to domestic cat predation. 

Feral kittens also manage to grow up in the wild when they loose their mothers.
Did BCR teach these domestic cats and dogs to hunt and kill or believe other humans taught them?  Does BCR expect people to believe their opinion that a natural born predator such as a fierce bobcat needs human assistance in learning to kill when domestic animals do not? 

Carole Baskin of BCR claims “people should not own exotic animals because they are dangerous to the public; even when bred and live in captivity because these are wild animals with wild instincts that will never be lost”.  She also claims “the simple fact is no wild species of cat makes a good “pet” no matter what you do to try and tame them they will still have their wild  instincts and always be unpredictable and dangerous”.

Carole also claims that it is pure instinct for predators (cats) to attack children, other pets, or anyone whose back is turned.  BCR posts “facts” about Savannah cats and how environmentalists fear they retain the strong hunting instincts of their African ancestors and could interbreed with millions of feral cats already in Australia, which have wrought havoc on the country’s indigenous wildlife.

However, at the same time it is claimed that BCR needs to Teach this same “Natural killing Instincts” to the natural born predators ( bobcats) BCR portrays to rehab. 

Which is it Carole?    Here are 2 more contradictions you posted:

RE: Bobcats

“”They are not scavengers like coyotes, so they have to be able to hunt, and they have to be able to know what their food source looks like,” said Baskin.

“Hunting and Diet: These tough little cats will eat almost anything, and are natural born survivors (except for man’s interference). Their primary diet is rabbit, but they also eat rodents, beaver, peccaries, birds and bats, and deer. They are also scavengers”.

Perhaps you do not understand the meaning of the words “instinct & survival” or know that a bobcat will eat the carcass of a large mammal, like a cougar and will cover the carcass remains and frequently return to feed on it.  Why do you tell the public that the bobcats BCR rehabs will “Starve to death” if you don’t feed them live animals? That is far from any truth.

How could you possibly not be aware of these facts when BCR posted this very information on your blog in 2007?
” It is powerful enough to kill a large animal, such as a deer, but it will also hunt birds, mice, insects, and even domestic cats that have strayed too far from their owner’s home.  The bobcat thinks nothing of eating carrion and will do what it has to do to survive”.

(Regarding the previous post)
From 1997-2000 BCR did not live feed rabbits to rehabbing bobcats, in fact, below is an article about a very young bobcat that was successfully released at your facility. It is my understanding that this bobcat lived in the back of the property and was released in October 1999 after being in captivity for 4 months. His diet was exactly like the other cats which consisted of chicken and meat. As his hip healed the size of his cage increased, logs and limbs were added to observe his climbing abilities. The rehabber fed him by teasing him with a piece of chicken tied to a rope to watch him hunt and pounce.
  (The same rehab protocol other Ethical Rehabs use to raise and release bobcats).  I believe when you first owned exotics you may have cared about all animal life, however it is my Opinion the road you have taken is very sad to me, but more sad for the animals.

This BCR article reads this was your second successful release that year. Can you please advise if the bobcats released in this time frame were chipped, and monitored and died from the lack of ability to hunt – as I am not understanding why you felt it necessary to change this ethical feeding and rehab protocol to one of extreme cruelty?

Please inquire about updated feeding protocols and continuing education on bobcats and stop torturing and killing innocent helpless animals.   

Here is a horrific graph photo of BCR torturing and killing helpless domestic rabbits when rehabilitating wild bobcats  Please do Not support thisunnecessary, unethical and barbaric behavior.



Live feeding protocols are outdated & barbaric and the feeding of Live Domestic Rabbits is Not advised or recommended by Any Wildlife Educational Org.

Continuing Educational Courses are available that teach Ethically Rehabbing Bobcats without live feeds; yet BCR Tampa Continues to unnecessarily torture and kill Live Domestic Rabbits, Rats & Turkeys while proclaiming that vicious wild predators need humans to teach them how to hunt and kill.  Factually an instinctive behavior does not have to be learned; rather, it is fully functional the first time it is performed and wild animals have developed these survival instincts that make human intervention unnecessary. Survival instincts are hard wired into the brain, just like they are in domestic animals and humans.

The length of time that it takes a wild bobcat to become imprinted to humans or domestic pets is extraordinarily short and the care at wildlife facilities should be for the shortest time possible.  Human scent should be masked with very limited human interaction.  According to BCR they often use domestic cats to nurse baby bobcats allowing them to continue to play together after weaning, the workers are seen in photos and videos interacting with the bobcats who are housed indoors instead of in a natural setting where they are playing with toys and sleeping in blankets.

It normally takes 6-8 months for bobcat rehab, however BCR Tampa states that it takes them 1 yr to 18 months to raise and/or release a bobcat.  BCR claims to have released 6 bobcats since the year 2003, which is an extremely low success rate.  How many bobcats have been taken in and died at this facility since 2003 that claims to be experts in bobcat rehab?  Does this facility attend continued learning classes to stay updated on proper rehab procedures?

Many wildlife facilities successfully raise, rehab & release hundreds of bobcats without live feeding which proves this intentional cruel practice is completely unnecessary.
Linda Sue has publically offered to take up a collection to pay for Carole Baskin to attend updated training courses; however this offer has not been acknowledged and instead this barbaric animal cruelty continues…


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