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The Shame of Big Cat Rescue Tampa

May 10, 2014 in Admin

Real Sanctuaries & Ethical Rehabs do Not value one animal’s life over another, they do not disrespect the Rescue/Rehab Code of Honor and they do not practice outdated barbaric protocols.

ABC News StoryRescue groups collide over feeding one animal to another (GRAPHIC VIDEO) – you can choose not to start the video).
bcr cruelty
(GRAPHIC PHOTO) BCR Vice President and Board of Director – Lisa Shaw and V/Staff proudly displaying Dead Domestic Rabbits covered in blood.  This photo was taken by Senior Keeper Julie Hanan.
It is our opinion these rabbits appear beaten and the rabbit on the right is Clearly Alive with eyes wide open and body not limp. (this photo and all videos listed can be easily found in web searches).

BCR Staff:   Here.

(GRAPHIC PHOTO) The barbaric unnecessary torture and killing of domestic rabbits at Big Cat Rescue Tampa.

Live rats are pushed through a PVC pipe into a carrier of no escape to be tortured and killed.   The Rat Shoot was published on MySpace.com and in the The Big Cat Times – Spring 2009  – Torturing Rats in the name of a “Sanctuary”. 

Inside of the:  carrier
Only the bobcats can escape this torture chamber

Are bobcats in the wild provided enclosures that prey cannot escape?  Do they receive cut up rats on paper dinner plates?   How is this considered hunting training?   (GRAPHIC PHOTO).

Domestic rabbit Being Unnecessarily Tortured & Killed:  Sacrificed at BCR in the name of a “Sanctuary”.

7/15/2011: With regards to the allegations of exhibition of wildlife under rehabilitation status, FWC staff investigated and was able to confirm that BCR did, in fact, post a video on the BCR website and “Youtube” of wildlife being fed in rehabilitation status. BCR was advised of the violation and was ordered to remove the video from the public website and BCR corporate officer “Jamie Veronica Murdock” was issued a warning on March 17, 2011, for a violation of Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 68A-9.006.

(GRAPHIC VIDEOS) These videos remain on the internet even though a warning was issued by FWC and new complaints were filed with FWC several months ago.

See the Youtube video below where Scott Lope uses a domestic rabbit to distract a big cat; when in fact; the cat was secured and the wild bird was in no danger:

BCR uses domestic rabbits for any given occasion while shoving them through fence holes like pieces of garbage.  How do you defrost a frozen rabbit for an emergency?  Frozen rabbits are not covered in blood when they are thawed out unless they were inhumanely killed.

BCR Lisa Shaw – Vice President and Board of Directors, “Scott Lope – Animal Planet HERO of the Year” and BCR Staff and Supporters – Making fun of killing domestic rabbits.
See the Facebook page of Disrespectful comments under a photo of a Lion carrying around a dead white rabbit in its mouth. 




Carole Baskin often gives Paid VIP tours into their live prey room because she is so proud of the tender care the domestic rabbits are given in their last days.  The last days before they are thrown alive into big cat cages of no escape- to be torn apart alive.

BCR regularly feeds domestic rabbits as TREATS to their Big Cats when it is not necessary or needed





Big Cat Rescue Tampa – How does a “DEAD – FROZEN” Rabbit open it’s legs when it’s Head is stepped on?




The Chicken Massacre

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