Rescue Fabrication & Ignored Regulations?

October 13, 2013 in Admin

Big Cat Tampa

Can you please advise if this story about Dolly the mountain lion posted on the BCR website on Feb. 7, 2013 is fabricated, because according to the Howell Wildlife Conservation Center on Feb 10, 2013 Dolly was alive?

Class 1 Wildlife are those that pose a significant danger to people.

Within the article about Dolly BCR also posted a rescue story about Cougars Freddy and Sassyfrass, can you please advise as to why BCR Tampa (big cat experts) were moving dangerous cougars in “Dog Crates” which BCR states were broken open by a cougar being transported in an common “Family sized Van”?

In 2004, I believe Cougars were listed as Class 2 wildlife.

According to the 2004 Florida Administrative Codes the transport regulations for class 2 animals are as follows:
For Class II animals, cage construction shall not be less than 11 1/2 gauge chain link or strength equivalent material. Cages of Class I and Class II animals that the public can access, shall be equipped with a physical barrier, which is made of a material to prevent the public from coming in contact with the animals. All cages shall have secure locking devices.

I am not understanding why BCR continually defies FWC regulations? Especially when BCR list these exact regulations on their website:

Carole Baskin also references that she helped pass the 2009 requirement that those in Florida who possess Class I animals must post a $10,000 bond and the reclassification of a cougar to Class I, making it illegal to own as a pet in FL.

Please advise if this information is not accurate.

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