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Rabbit Feet Decoys?

June 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

What went Wrong?

It appears BCR is using Cut Off Domestic Rabbit Feet as Decoys to move Big Cats through walking tunnels.

Rabbit Advocates would like a response from BCR if this is truth?

Exactly how many rabbits does BCR cause the death of weekly to use as “Treats” and to have on hand for any given occasion like pieces of garbage with no value of life?  How many domestic rabbits do they kill yearly while promoting unnecessary barbaric “Live Feeding” where the rabbits are used as bait (blood sport) while being tortured and ripped apart alive for no good reason?  
Rabbit Advocates would like a response to these questions.

BCR changed their  feeding time and it is now “compatible for tourist” despite their complaints about infestations of black vultures being dangerous to the cats.
Vultures are natures clean up crew, black vultures are a concern to ranchers that have animals down for long periods of time.  The aggressive vulture argument stated in this video holds no water.  Why are the vultures bothering the cats at BCR but not other facilities?
Are they cleaning up the left over rotting meat from the grounds and uneaten dead rabbits and rabbit body parts?

vulturesUpon research, most facilities noted feeding at early evening (between 6 or 7 pm) due the heat, flies and not wanting to meat exposed to high heat. Bacteria then sets in and the opportunity for salmonella etc is high.  However, they are not trying to make money by exploiting their cats private time with tours.

Man made ponds carry standing water which is full of deadly bacteria, feces run off, mosquito-borne diseases, and other harmful  pathogens.  We are assuming BCR’S “Experts” have this water tested and cleared by USDA before allowing the Big Cats to consume, play, live in or provide it in buckets straight from the pond for drinking.


Please support Ethical Facilities that Do Not encourage and support the breeding of domestic rabbits for the Barbaric (blood sport) Baiting and Unnecessary Live Feeding, or to be killed and used for Treats and Decoys.  









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