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Rabbit Feeding Tour

July 18, 2014 in Admin

If you have the Money, BCR (the self proclaimed “Sanctuary”) regularly provides the public with tours to see small and big exotic cats eat whole domestic rabbits.  The tours are given to families with children while this unethical unnecessary behavior is taught to the public.

BCR states the following: “We also give our larger cats whole prey rabbits to try and give them a good variety of food as close to their natural diet would be in the wild“.
Domestic Rabbits are Not a natural part of Any Small or Big Wild Cat diet. This ignorance and misinformation is also being taught to the public by BCR. According to Big Cat Experts, there is no requirement for small or big cats to eat domestic rabbits.

Domestic rabbits are bred in inhumane conditions (factory style) living in cages then unnecessarily loose their lives to be given as “Treats” for exploitation and profit at unethical facilities.  

Big Cat Rescue Tampa supports and practices disrespect of animal life other than big cats.  They support and practice Live feeding protocols of helpless domestic animals to captive wild animals, they support the cruel industry of unnecessary breeding, the suffering and death of domestic rabbits, rats and turkeys.  

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Reference: Zerve.com

According to Florida Fish & Wildlife CommissionBCR is Not Classified as a Sanctuary (4/18/2013)


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