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October 13, 2016 in Admin

Despite concerns and complaints from the voting public and despite the clarity of PetPartners Contest Rules, it appears that PetPartners Pet Insurance proudly states, supports and “understands”  the Live Feeding, torture and killing of tame domestic rabbits, rats and other helpless animals at Big Cat Rescue Tampa and awards them the 2016 Animaltarian of the Year.

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PetPartners Quote:
” Animaltarian” is about animal welfare and there are many different types of rescues that help a certain classification of animals.
Big Cat Rescue focuses on all cats, domestic and wild.
…We have been advised and researched that rabbits and rats are fed to some animals that are being rehabilitated to be released back into the wild. While none of us at PetPartners like the idea we understand why it has to be done and hope that everyone will take that into consideration”.

PetPartners quotes Big Cat Rescue stating that “rabbits and rats are fed to “some animals” that are being rehabilitated to be released back into the wild”.

The truth of that statement reveals:
hundreds of helpless tame animals barbarically died at Big Cat Rescue since or before the year 2011 in their unethical rehab program. Tame animals (considered pets) having no idea they are being preyed upon, barbarically tortured, played with, injured and killed by ferocious predators. Predators that are survivalist and scavengers in the wild, animals that eat dead carrion to survive while having natural born killing instincts that are not taught by humans.

Tame animals are not found in the wild waiting to be eaten. This ignorant and outdated rehab protocol is not only inhumane to the prey animal but detrimental to the survival of the bobcat that believes he will be handed tame animals for dinner if released, when in reality the only place tame rabbits will be found is in the back yards of families and farms.

Live Feeding of one animal to another is not honored or practiced by ethical and professional rehabs. PetPartners dismissed the professional letter references written by Rehab, Veterinarian and Department of Biology experts.

PetPartners Facebook page has removed all comments and complaints regarding this contest and blocked people from posting their opinions.

We the petitioners ask the CEO of PetPartners – Steve Popovich to honor their own contest rules and demonstrate the theme of compassion, welfare, and advocacy coupled with the passion of caring for all animals, not just dogs and cats. Animals having no voice continue to suffer and die at the hands of inhumane facilities practicing wanton cruelty without guilt or feeling.

2016 Animaltarian of the Year Contest Official Rules
Submissions cannot: advocate or demonstrate any cruelty toward animals or other humans;
Your submission must also: Demonstrate the theme of compassion, welfare, and advocacy coupled with the passion of caring for animals.https://www.petpartners.com/animaltarian/official-rules

PetPartners Pet Insurance Facebook

Email: animaltarian@petpartners.com
Phone: 1.866.774.1113

Not only does Big Cat Rescue torture and kill live animals in their unethical rehab program, they also support the breeding and killing of domestic rabbits and purchase hundreds of dead rabbits weekly to unnecessarily feed to their big cats as “Treats”.

Just Another Day at Big Cat Rescue:



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