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Florida Voices for Animals Supports BCR

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March 23 at 8:14am •
• THIS SUNDAY is the annual Have a Heart fundraiser dinner and silent auction of Florida Voices for Animals. We’ll be feasting at Trang Viet Cuisine in Tampa beginning at 4:30 p.m. We’re now accepting online payments for tickets on our website. Just go to and click the Donate button. Be sure to include a note that you’re paying for the Have a Heart dinner.

Our friends at Big Cat Rescue – Tampa FL are offering coupons for 2 for 1 admission to each attendee!

For details, click the event link below. See you there!

FVA’s 19th Annual Have a Heart Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction
Sunday, March 25 at 4:30pm at Trang Viet Cuisine
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Linda Sue Florida Voice for animals, you are an Educational Org speaking for the voiceless animals. Do you have acceptions on Animal Cruelty?

Am I understanding Correctly that you Support & Promote Big Cat Rescue Tampa who unnecessarily throws live domestic rabbits into big cat cages for dinner and treats to be torn apart alive?
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Tom Imke With friends like BCR you had better be sure you are an animal that they like. When they don’t like you, they throw you in their Big Cat Cages. There used to be deer, peacocks and chickens along with the Domestic Rabbits and Rats from the “Prey House”. Were they all thrown into the cages alive to be toyed with and ripped apart, or just some of them? Some Humane organization.
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Janet Geren Another organization that preys on the public, making them believe they are a voice for the animals? I guess it depends upon the species or which who has rights and doesn’t have rights. Does this organization truly support Big Cat Rescue’s blatant violence and cruelty against the voiceless. Are you really a “charity that promotes animal rights by educating the public on how to make “compassionate” choices to reduce the suffering of animals.”?
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Sondra Kay So, you’re a voice for animals except rabbits? BCR uses domesticated (i.e., “fancy” or “house”) rabbits to feed those cats. The cats don’t learn to hunt; they learn to be fed, because domesticated rabbits don’t think or act like wild rabbits. In fact, fancy rabbits share less than 25% of the DNA of wild rabbits. This practice is an abomination, especially when there is footage of the volunteers getting a big kick out of domestic rabbits trying to make friends and being torn apart. And what about the several fraud investigations? These horrible people are not doing big cats or their pray any favors.Shame on you, FVA.
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Kimberly Gronemeyer Personally i abhor the rabbit thing. But i also feel BCR does so much great rescue work. They are doing the best with a crappy situation created by an industry that does not give a damn about big cats. Imho, they are not perfect but they do a lot more good than harm. Animal advocacy groups need to work together. Infighting tears us apart. This is a gradual process toward an ultimate goal of full animal liberation. Help them change the laws they are fighting so no more cats need a rescue like them.
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Nina Perino very well put Kim! i absolutely agree! It is so disappointing when animal groups turn on each other instead of working together and supporting one another in their efforts. We preach tolerance, understanding and cooperation but we tend to not project this same thought process when dealing with other animal groups. This is not a competition of ethics and of who is right, wrong or better at it. Working and advocating for any animal species is tough already in this society, to even get people to listen is a have to fight each other as well expends our energy to the wrong areas and instead of for the animals we all care about.
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Kat Finelli Shame on Florida Voices for Animals you do not speak for all animals when you accept anything from Big Cat REscue who torture and kill pet rabbits
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Linda Sue Review:

Kimberly Gronemeyer, is that the same reasoning if a Priest appears honorable in representing a Church, then takes advantage children? Should he still be respected and credible?

An animal sanctuary is a facility where animals are brought to live and be protected for the rest of their lives. Animals are not brought there to be tortured and killed by people who choose to practice outdated, barbaric feeding protocols to save money and receive publicity by proudly posting the animals being killed all over the internet.

Cruel live feeding protocols are not practiced by ethical, respectable, and professional rehabs and sanctuaries that factually raise, rehab and release bobcats regularly without live feeds. Nor do they purchase frozen domestic rabbits for big cat treats and shove them through fence holes like pieces of garbage. They do not support the unnecessary breeding & killing of domestic rabbits when millions of animals are killed for human consumption daily, i.e. whole chickens and turkeys which other sanctuaries, zoos and rehabs feed.
Did you know that the big cats at BCR spit the fur of the rabbits all over the grounds because it is not a natural part of their diet to eat fur?

Bobcats do not eat domestic rabbits in the wild but since they are being taught to kill them, they will killing them by scent in the back yards of families and farms thanks to the ignorance of BCR and facilities like them. Did you know that big cats do not need taught to hunt? It is a natural born instinct – the same instinct ducks have to swim and birds have to fly. Why do you think feral domestic cats are such a nuisance or your tame house cat that when they go outside and kill birds and rabbits? Did BCR need teach those tame or feral domestic house cats how to hunt?

Can you please explain how you consider it hunting training when placing a helpless domestic animal into a caged in area of no escape, an animal that is not a part of a big cat diet, does not live in the wild and has no wild instincts to survive or defend itself? A domestic animal who looks at the big cat as a friend until it realizes otherwise? Wow, can you imagine how that domestic rabbit must feel leaving a safe cage then being shoved down a pipe to be torn apart alive by a predator? So BCR is not Perfect? Your compassion overwhelms me.

You may like to ask Carole Baskin what she fed her bobcats prior being able to afford live prey? Did the bobcats all die until the moment she choose to sacrifice the domestic rabbits she claims to Respect before the torture & killing of them?

What “crappy” situation are you referring to Kimberly?
No, I will not help change the laws that do not allow private exotic ownership so that Carole Baskin and other Scamtuaries who defraud the public with fabricated rescue stories to secure donations can become stronger. I will never justify intentional animal cruelty because you or others believe rabbits lives are not as valuable as big cats or because the facility has support from animal rights groups who clearly do not honor their mission statements or movie stars who have no clue what is really going on there.

Tolerance and understanding?
Perhaps you would like to donate your dog or cat for dinner or treat at BCR, because one animal does not have more value than another or suffer any less.

I am not certain what Animal advocacy groups you are referring to but – most do not make special considerations to allow intentional and deliberate animal cruelty that causes the suffering and death of any animal. Excluding HSUS, PETA & ALDF who work side by side with BCR while turning their heads to the torture and killing of the domestic animals there.
Does your ultimate goal include all animals or just the ones you feel are important Kimberly?

Nina Perino,
It’s disappointing when animal groups turn on each other?
IMHO its disappointing when Animal Rights groups support deliberate animal cruelty to pursue their agendas, when rescue facilities torture and kill animals, when they break FWC regulations and go unpunished, and defraud the public for donations and are looked at as Credible.
You should Not attack other facilities for the same things you practice and have done in the past.

BCR is doing the best they can?
Why do they have such a high rate of big cat deaths, and have a low success rate at releasing only 6 bobcats since 2003? Why do the rusty hog tied enclosures not concern you the big cats are living in?

This is not a competition of ethics and of who is right, wrong or better at it?
When you are proclaiming to be a Expert owning the largest big cat Sanctuary/Rehab for big cats you should be exactly what your proclaiming to be and nothing less.

Having said that, can you please post a references of other “Sanctuaries” that torture and kill domestic animals?

Kimberly and Nina,
FYI most private owners take better care of their big cats than sanctuaries which are not regulated. If you want to make a difference, help with petitioning for stronger regulations in the States that have none, like Ohio.

There are plenty of references on the Cause page from respectable rehabs that never live feed. Please take the time to review them. Your right, this is a fight and it is to protect all animals, and not just big cats.

Maybe you would like to volunteer at BCR and comfort the rabbits prior their being stalked and torn apart alive, I am sure they will understand. Then you can help gather up their fur from the grounds after feeding time. Thanks for posting-
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Carole Baskin There are some people, like Linda Sue who would mislead people into thinking that Big Cat Rescue does not respect all life. For the truth on how our cats are fed visit
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Kimberly Gronemeyer Linda sue, Carole’s link clarifies what they do and why. I have yet in my life encountered a person who i believed in every choice they made. How could one expect to agree with every choice a group makes? Im assuming you are vegan too. Do you not have a single omni friend?
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Kat Finelli If other rehabbers can use other methods then live kill why can’t Big Cat Rescue, Carol Baskin says her people hate live feeds then why is it her stafflaughs and smiles as they hold up dead rabbits why is it they refuse to look at other methods How many bobcat kittnes in the lst five years has Big Cat released after torturing and killing rabbits, lets ask Florida Wildife what they say not Big Cat Last time I checked it was one in five years so their success rate is horrible. Check out the videos they post on the bobcats they are rehabbing this is against the law yet they do it and the bobcats can see the people. I sent an email to Carol Baskin and I got the standard response from her once she realized the the true animal advocates were against live feeds she sent a personal response. The truth of Big Cat Rescue is they torture and kill pet rabbits and they are so proud of it if you pay enough money you can see them as a VIP. Also if they are not ashamed of what they why is there no mentions of this in any of their literature or the diet they feed the cats.
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Kat Finelli If Carol Baskin is against zoos and entertainment using big cats then why does she do this same charging for people to come in and veiw the animals oh and for an extra fee you get to feed them if this isnt a roadside zoo then what is No one has the right to keep any animal they cannot take care of properly any animal needs to be kept in the right enviornment the right diet and if able to return to the wild wonderful, however the right to life is also a right they should have without being fed live to some animal that all of a sudden dies mysteriously right before it is released. If you are an animal advocate stand up for animals all animals By the way lets ask Carol Baskin how many of the cats in the rescue are her cats that she bought or bred. Ask her about the tiger she says was raised with love and is very healthy and then all of a sudden he came from a very bad situation, or the cat that was walked on a leash I believe that one was her daughters Once again shame on Florida Voices for Animals for being remotely associated with this roadside zoo
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Linda Sue Carole Baskin, your article is the same old tired argument you always use stating you have to live feed for rehab. We have shown time and time again with facts that this practice is not necessary and big cats do not need trained their natural born hunting instincts. Your barbaric feeding protocol is outdated and leads to the cruel and unnecessary death of domestic rabbits and rats. If you Truly Respected All animal life you would most certainly find a way to not live feed and run an Ethical Sanctuary like many others in your position.
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Vera Newberry Chaples Kat you must be talking about Sher Khan and Jumanji. Sher Khan she is on video saying he came from a “loving and nurturing environment”, then when he begins to have joint problems from malnutrition, all of a sudden (mind you the malnutrition happened after she had purchased Sher Khan) he came from a bad environment.
Jumanji is stated to have been somebody’s pet.. you bet it was. It was her daughters. Of course he was de-clawed.
And while we are at this, why not discuss how three Alabama bobcats died from a preventable disease (Paneleukopenia) after she placed the kittens with a domestic cat she got from the animal shelter. The final kitten was finally BIOPSIED and samples sent off to confirm this diagnosis and yet she still tells people (donors) that they died from a congenital defect.
This is an upstanding rescuer? A person that not only feeds live prey (as has been stated a domesticated rabbit in no way shape or form has the same instincts nor SCENT of a wild rabbit) that imho is just cruel.
Now before anyone jumps on this and tells me that the cats are carnivores blah blah blah.. I have big cats… I have OTHER mammals, carnivores included.. and guess what? NO ONE IS FED LIVE PREY… and from the research and documentation I have found, the feeding of live prey is unwarranted because there are new ways to successfully re hab and return to the wild.. most ethical rehab facilities do this.
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Linda Sue Kimberly Gronemeyer, Carole Baskin’s word is not fact.
If you researched other rehab facilities or worked with them prior posting comments you would certainly have found out this practice is not needed.

You will not find recommendations of using Live Domestic Rabbits for hunting training from Wildlife Rehab Associations or any Wildlife Rehab Guidelines because domestic rabbits do not live in the wild and do not have wild instincts of survival. In fact the outdated WERC bobcat guidelines specifically state using wild animals that are found in the Natural Habitat of the big cat.

Please feel free to post references that promote or instruct using Live Domestic Rabbits for rehab, I will be more than happy to read them. (Carole Baskin, that would be bobcat rehab references, not wild bird rehab references).

I have no idea what an omni friend is and my food preferences have nothing to do with this topic but, if it makes a difference to you what I eat, yes I am a Vegan.
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Veronica Cheveyo There is a difference in how animals are treated; I find it difficult that people who do not decide to grow (in knowledge) and remain tied to old methods that have been replaced with new methods that do not allow for live animal feeds to predators.

AZA zoos do not do live feeding as these animals are potential risk to the health and well-being of their predators from felids to snakes.

Have you visited their property and really looked past the pretty animals? Have you noticed that their fencing is no better than some of those irresponsible exotic owners who use hog wire to contain Tigers, Lions or Bears? Have you ever just thought about that there are more responsible owners out there than there are responsible directors operating so-called sanctuaries?

So I have to question your judgment in giving a thumbs-up and recommending any rescue facility is for you to evaluate their facilities first hand and then research any and all inspections (such as USDA). Do not believe in the GFAS or ASA; as I have evidence that they are also endorsing sanctuaries that do not meet AWA codes.

Please realize that majority of these exotic sanctuaries are mostly operated by non-credentialed people who couldn’t be hired by the AZA; many have issues that should have prevented them from operating in the first place. If they had a background check and found to have business bankruptcies; what makes you believe that they can operate an animal facility? If they had children attacked because they placed that child in harms way, do you think that this was responsible behavior? Do you think they should be operating a facility where patrons with minor children should be exposed to the potential harm? Do you realize that the risk increases with their animal population and they are more of a public risk than an owner with one to six exotics?

Think about it…if you are going to endorse any facility on behalf of the animals welfare then do so for the animals as that is why you have a non-profit; if not and you want to advocate for sanctuaries that are non-transparent and their decisions and actions are not in the best interest of any species; then do all of us Taxpayers a favor; shut down your non-profit and go find another project to do.
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Amber Simpson Hi Linda, Kat, and everyone else involved,
Reading the information on putting live domesticated rabbits in the enclosures with the bob cats as a survival training tool is very disturbing to me, and I’d like to investigate further. I’m not a bob cat expert, but to me it would seem that having a friendly rabbit hop up to a bob cat, is not what would happen in the wild for the bob cat, I would assume that it would be quite difficult for a bob cat to chase down a wild rabbit, and that wild rabbits know that they are prey, and act accordingly (scared, and on alert), and would by no means approach a bob cat with the curiosity of a domesticated rabbit. So this form of rehab seems barbaric and doesn’t make much since to me, for many reasons.

I am a active volunteer for the FVA, but I personally don’t condone the supporting of this behavior, and would love to know the facts that you are speaking of about other ways to rehab these bob cats, and information on what other wild cat rescue groups do, so that I could pass this information on to the FVA board in hopes that they can possibly work with Big Cat Rescue to change their protocol for rehabbing bob cats, or at least examine if they wish to continue to support a rescue who uses such practices. Again, I’m just one of the many volunteers, I do not speak on behalf of the FVA, I speak on behalf of myself, a person who does not agree with these training methods. I hope for change. Please lead me in the right direction to obtain this information. Thank You.
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Kimberly Gronemeyer
I also support changing the rabbit policy. Your food choices matter here because it would be extremely hippocritical to say you care about all animals if you unnessarily ate them. An omnivore friend is one who eats both plants and animals. My point is that sometimes you support friends and organizations that you dont agree with every choice they make. BCR has made a lot of improvements through the years so i support their overall mission. However, at the same time, I disagree with the rabbit policy. Dont throw the baby out with the bath water. Lets work toward change together.
March 26 at 6:17am • Unlike • 3

Linda Sue
Amber Simpson

Thank you for your input and concern for these helpless innocent animals.
You do not need to be a bobcat expert to understand there is no justification for this unnecessary and cruel feeding protocol.

You are correct, the domestic rabbit has no understanding of defending itself and has no wild instincts to fight back and they suffer horribly. Unfortunately man has decided that the domestic rabbit should be bred for live feeding because they multiply quickly and are cheap and easy targets for captive predators, not to mention a money maker.

Bobcats are predators and have natural born killing instincts therefore most wildlife rehabs do not live feed (even wild animals) as the act of trapping an animal in an inescapable enclosure is far from a true hunting test and extremely cruel and not fair to the animal. Common sense and reality tells us that common house cats do not need trained to kill let alone a fierce wild predator.

Many wildlife rehabs including the wildlife center I work at feed both young and adult bobcats the following foods prior release; foods already killed for human consumption: beef chunks, chicken necks, leg quarters and whole fish. There is no need for live food or to train predators to kill, nor do injured adults coming into the center “Forget” how to kill or hunt.

In the wild bobcats a wide variety of mammals including reptiles, fish, birds and deer. They consume as many as 40 different species of animals in Florida and will sometimes will eat carrion (dead animal carcasses) which they can feed from for days. They have also been known to attack livestock and small pets as well, which is a another concern when training them to kill domestic animals by scent.

I and others have offered Carole Baskin alternatives to this barbaric practice as well as offered to share contact information of experts in the bobcat rehab field that could educate and teach her updated feeding protocols. Carole has not accepted any of these offers and continues to cause the suffering and death of helpless domestic rabbits and rats while claiming it is the only and best way. BCR also proudly displays this killing in videos all over the internet despite the warning issued by FWC on March 17, 2011, for a violation of Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 68A-9.006.

We do NOT condone or promote using Any live animals for rehab including wild animals. Wild rabbits cannot be caged as they would break their necks or be injured when confined, however Carole states that she cannot use wild rabbits because they may offer disease when factually they are a natural part of the bobcat diet in the wild, therefore you are not doing the bobcat any justice giving them specially prepared domestic rabbits free from disease as preparation for release, which is another reason there is no need to feed live domestic rabbits in rehab.

Referencing the Florida animal cruelty statues, we feel this is a very serious issue as well as a promotion of animal cruelty.

You will not find any Wildlife rehabilitation organization or bobcat feeding guidelines promoting or condoning the live feeding of Live Domestic Rabbits to wild predators. If I am mistaken: Carole Baskin please post references for our education here.

Please see the below references and alternatives to live feeding from the Executive Director of the National Bobcat Rescue and Research Foundation and the Clinic Director of the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc.

Thursday, April 7, 2011, 3:23 PM


I would be happy to assist, however, I am tied up through Saturday. We do not use live prey here. Their natural instincts take care of that. We do, however, place small bowls of dog food and mouse food so that the wild rodents will enter the cages on their own and have a natural fighting chance.

We ONLY work with Bobcats and other native species. (no big cats). If you would still like our protocol, just let us know. We would be happy to help. Thanks

Valeri Marler
Chief Operating Officer
The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch

Executive Director
National Bobcat Rescue and Research Foundation

11605 County Road 2312
Terrell, Texas 75160

Fri 4/8/2011 3:33 PM

Hi Linda –

Thanks so much for caring about all the animals. I can’t speak for what works best for other facilities, and it is difficult not to place judgment, but I think this issue really is a serious one. Here is what I can tell you about how we feed rehabilitating bobcats here at CROW. We don’t use any live prey for feeding bobcats. When we feed them, the staff is diligent about making a disconnect between humans and food: hiding the food, placing in different spots in the cages, trying to introduce novel items, and making the bobcats “work” for the food by finding it, not by killing it. I feel very strongly that the vast majority of our patients are very instinctual, and don’t need the live prey stimulus to tap into their wildness or train them to be hunters. Just as we don’t need to teach baby birds to fly or otters to swim – they are incredibly instinctual.

Nearly all rehabilitating bobcats here eat well; they are fed (frozen) rats, mice, chicks, cat chow, and different kinds of fish, and we have had a number of successful releases – both following trauma and with babies that have been orphaned.

Our use of live food is extremely limited (less than 1% of our patients)…rarely a persnickety bird will get a live minnow to stimulate appetite, for example. We don’t use any live prey for raptors either, which I know many places do. I don’t feel that the white mouse or domestic rabbit as prey is a true test of hunting ability, as those aren’t the same prey that these predators will find out in the wild – and the act is far from fair to the mouse or rabbit. I feel the same way about these as the bobcats…I feel that they have the instincts to be hunters and don’t need us to teach them.

We have all made tremendous commitments to animals; at CROW we take pride in offering respect and compassionate care to all species. It breaks my heart to think of how these rabbits must feel when placed into a predator’s cage.

Hope this helps,

Amber McNamara, DVM, CVA
Clinic Director
Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc.
March 26 at 10:29am • Like • 2

Linda Sue Kimberly, thank you very much for your concern and support for the rabbits. I understand your opinion on diet however, many people in rehab, animal rescue and most animal lovers eat meat which does not relate to practicing animal cruelty or running an Ethical and respectable rehab or rescue facility. I would honor any improvements at BCR if you would like to reference them for review.
March 26 at 10:36am • Like • 3

Veronica Cheveyo
It doesn’t matter if one is an omnivoire or a vegan is a choice and no one is telling you that you have to be one or the other. But, it about supporting legitimate rescues who ensure that they act on behalf of the animal’s welfare – it is about doing the right thing for the animals. Supporting groups that promote live feeding is unethical. Supporting groups that are deceiving the public on how they got their rescues; when in fact, BCR was a breeding facility and they moved these animals into a non-profit to continue receiving tax benefits not afforded to private animal owners and then make up stories that these animals were rescued from horrible conditions – so they rescued these animals from themselves? Why is it that anyone who puts up a website and calls themselves rescues are immediately exempt from scrutiny? They suddenly sprouted wings and halos and are laughing all the way to the bank with the free money they are receiving? So think about all the millions of dollars that these places are not paying into the government because you are supporting pets and not true rescues.
March 26 at 10:41am • Unlike • 5

Kat Finelli
I am a vegetarian, I don’t buy wool, leather or silk, and I want to stop the torture and killing of pet rabbits at BCR simple as that. Carole Baskin says she purchases her rabbits from a snake food provider therefore they are not pets. If I purchase a tiger from a fur farm is it no longer a tiger but only a piece of fur and would she not try to stop me from killing Why then does she and all the others find it so hard to believe that those of us who rescue pet rabbits won’t tolerate them being tortured or fed live to any animal We want FVA to speak out for all animals so please help us by telling BCR to stop the killings
March 26 at 12:14pm • Unlike • 5

Kat Finelli One other point I would like to make is the wording “Our Friends at Big Cat Rescue” very, very poor choice of friends I must say, people wo torture small animals and actually laugh and smile about it as evidenced by many photos of BCR staff with dead rabbits FVA please tell us you are dropping BCR and helping us to stop live feeds
March 26 at 12:21pm • Like • 4

Ethical Rehab
Live feeding to captive wild animals is not necessary for any reason. Agreed with posts above on all subects of BCR.

@ Kat Finelli, very good point about the Tigers. Also correct on the disrespect of domestic rabbits by a “Sanctuary” named BCR. Below you can see the BCR Staff making fun of killing the Easter Rabbit on facebook, the comments are listed under a photo of a big cat- permanent resident – at BCR (not a re-habbing bobcat) who is carrying around a dead white domestic rabbits in its mouth.

Matt Ruszczyk
April 11, 2009

Sorry kids, Easter is cancelled…

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Matt Ruszczyk Sorry kids, easter is cancelled.
April 11, 2009 at 9:33pm

Clifford Finn Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!
April 11, 2009 at 9:37pm

Regina Rinaldi awww there’s plenty more bunnies where that came from!!!
April 11, 2009 at 9:42pm

Allira Murphy such a cool pic… how old is this lil gurl?? She looks only young
April 11, 2009 at 9:49pm

Matt Ruszczyk It’s Nikita from 6 years ago.
April 11, 2009 at 9:53pm

Allira Murphy Wow she looks sooo lil, thought maybe she was a new addition@
April 11, 2009 at 9:57pm

Scott Lope That’s my girl !
April 11, 2009 at 10:09pm

Anissa Camp yummmm, a creamy center!
April 11, 2009 at 10:09pm

Mitch Widener I always thought the whole prey place should have a large sign saying Happy Easter
April 11, 2009 at 10:23pm

Matt Ruszczyk Nikita was overheard saying “Waiter, there’s a hare in my food…”
April 11, 2009 at 10:45pm

Charles Shivnarain really, honestly, you would tell me i if i had something stuck in my teeth.
April 11, 2009 at 11:10pm

Justin Boorstein I wish I could have seen the kids faces (Probably because I’m Jewish).
April 12, 2009 at 12:11am

Jennifer Ruszczyk Yuccccccckkkkk! Thanks Matt.
April 12, 2009 at 8:05am

Scott Batronie Nice!
April 12, 2009 at 10:54am

Brian Czarnik (aahh hare today eaten tomorrow)
April 12, 2009 at 1:06pm

Dave Flaherty good thing i bet on the tortoise
April 12, 2009 at 7:48pm

Maria Rosario You kid hater!!!
April 12, 2009 at 10:16pm

Matt Ruszczyk I love kids…taste like chicken.
April 12, 2009 at 10:31pm

Lisa Shaw Hey Matt, Zeus and Apollo beat Nikita to it! They got the Easter Rabbit about a month ago! This must have been a stand in! That pesky elf in red is next!
April 15, 2009 at 1:37pm
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Tom Imke
It is interesting to see BCR and others referring to them as experts. As recently as a year ago the last of three Alabama Bobcatsd died, it they haven’t changed their story yet, you can read where they admit that they had learned their lesson and that it was a mistake to place the three unvaccinated Bobcats with a Sanctuary Domestic House Cat Nurse. They gave various reasons for the death of the first two and finally admitted that the third died of Paneleukopenia which I believe is also known as Feline Parvo virus. When looking back at the cause of death of the first two, most vets will say that these were also signs of Feline Parvo. Had there been an expert on the scene, at least two of them could have been saved, or very possibly all three. These experts seem to learn by trial and error, which is very costly if you are one of the residents there.

Another big question is why is BCR always flying off to another state to do a high profile rescue when they freely admit that they turn down local animals all the time?

The point on domestic rabbits, it certainly does not teachg Bobcats anything about hunting or killing in the wild and since they will never find the domestic rabbit scent in the wild, it will teach them to hunt in places where that scent is found, maybe your back porch? And if they are so saddened to have to do this, why was their video of live feeding proudly displayed on U-tube until they were ordered to remove that example of animal cruelty?
March 26 at 1:15pm • Unlike • 4

Veronica Cheveyo Because they need to feed their own egos and IT ISN’T ABOUT THE ANIMALS.

Majority of them are just collectors and not true rescuers.
March 26 at 1:29pm • Unlike • 4

Veronica Cheveyo Now that I am on my hoot – why should anyone talk about tolerance? To Tolerate implies that there is superiority…it is about acceptance. But, to accept any rescue that has and is committing fraud is illegal regardless of the supposed good that they are doing.

It is about Animal Welfare and not individual’s who need their low self-esteem and egos fed by their followers like lemmings.
March 26 at 1:32pm • Like • 3

Janet Geren
In all of the years I have done rehabilitation, I have never seen live rabbits fed to bobcats, birds of prey, or coyotes. I have contacted the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council who was appalled to hear that this was even happening who referred me to rehabilitation centers that rehabbed big cats. I contacted several and not one of these centers used live domestic rabbits and were also surprised. All of the rehabilitators that I spoke with felt that this was very cruel and even made the comment that the big cats would likely torture these domestic rabbits for hours. In addition, every single rehabilitator and Directors of the centers I contacted indicated that domestic rabbits are NOT what these cats will eat in the wild. So why is BCR still feeding docile, gentle rabbits to their big cats? I am not sure, but last year I saw despicable videos of Big Cat Rescue feeding rabbits to their cats, literally torturing them for hours. Then another photo of 4 volunteers smiling while holding dead and 1/2 dead rabbits by the scruff of their neck driving their little cart. I assumed that the cats got bored torturing the rabbits for hours and it was time for these 4 women to go home for the day. This appeared to be the climax of their day. Please don’t even tell me that this isn’t done for some sick sociopathic pleasure, because no person in their right mind would believe it if they saw these videos and the maker of them. I would love to work with all animal rights groups and at one time I supporteds Big Cat Rescue, but after observing the photos and videos, I could no longer support them and I do not support groups that only support certain species, yet makes the public believe they are for the rights of all animals. What deception! This is just as bad as Boca Tacos in Arizona feeding Lion Tacos to hungry humans, yet the restaurant owner was threatened, his life and even his families lives were threatened if they didn’t remove from their menu. What is this double standard?
March 26 at 1:32pm • Unlike • 4

Veronica Cheveyo well, don’t be surprised if CB has these posts removed…after all she can’t take the heat due to cruel and outdated practices.

It is a sick sociopathic behavior.
March 26 at 1:35pm • Unlike • 5

Linda Sue ‎Tom Imke, Bobcats are excellent predators as well as scavengers and help keep the rodent population in check however you are correct; they will not be finding domestic rabbits in their natural habitat only in the back yards of families and farms. This practice is totally absurd and unwarranted.
March 26 at 1:41pm • Like • 4

Linda Sue
‎Janet Geren, thank you for your informative and well researched facts on this subject. @Amber Simpson please review Janet’s comments as well as the references I have posted earlier from the Executive Director of the National Bobcat Rescue and Research Foundation and the Clinic Director of the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc. I am confident that between Janet’s research and experience, mine and others who own and rehab big cats that we will be able to provide you with the necessary information you have requested.
March 26 at 1:58pm • Like • 6

Veronica Cheveyo
Majority of Animal Rights groups is about stopping all pet ownerships. PETA euthanized pets in the back of their vans and threw them into dumpsters behind malls – oh yes, that sure supports animal welfare and rights by their exemplary behavior now doesn’t it? NOT! So, why weren’t these people serving time in jail? Why were they treated differently from any other person or group? Cruelty is cruelty no matter whose hand is doing the act.

See them for who they really are animal collectors who have visions of grandeur and tell the world that they are the animal experts when in fact, their expertise is in scamming the public.
March 26 at 2:00pm • Unlike • 3

Amber Simpson
Thanks for all of the feedback, especially the emails that you received from other wild life rescues Linda Sue, those are extremely helpful. I am about to copy all of the helpful comments in this thread, and send them to the FVA board, so that they can review them. But feel free to post any other helpful comments or links here as well. Education is the key to change. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Again, I hope for change, as I am unwilling to support these live feedings.
March 26 at 2:05pm • Unlike • 4

Tom Imke
Quoting from above “It is so disappointing when animal groups turn on each other instead of working together and supporting one another in their efforts.” And yet, if you check, you will find that it is BCR that is continually on the attack against others, trying to make the “Big Media Rescue”, even if the animal doesn’t need to be rescued. Raising funds to support animals that they don’t even have but are trying through legal or other means to get, all the time saying how sorry they are that they can’t accept the “low profile” animals that they are being asked to take. And why does it take several 501(c)3’s to operate one “sanctuary”?
March 26 at 2:10pm • Unlike • 3

Kat Finelli Thank you Amber we need each and every kind, caring animal advocate to help us stand up to BCR as well as other rehabbers who torutre any aniaml large or small.
March 26 at 2:11pm • Unlike • 3

Kat Finelli If there is any doubt that rehab can be done without live feeds, please check out Linda Sue and Janet’s posts they refer to many other rehab organizations. Please join with us and help us change the laws that allow this to conitnue Be a voice for all animals not just some
March 26 at 2:17pm • Unlike • 3

Veronica Cheveyo
Carole Baskin – If you respected ALL LIFE; then why are people complaining? In fact, I have a very legitimate question to ask: All those animals you have rescued and many from out of state, were they transported in unmarked trailers or vehicles? Did the animals have current health certificates besides USDA transfer papers? Did your rescuers stop at check points between states?

Why am I asking because I have seen too many rescuers jumping in to save the animal instead of evaluating the situation and planning on how they should respond to this crisis!

Because these animals that live in such horrid conditions have weakened immune systems often living in such filth that the potential to spread zoonotic diseases from one state to another is not respecting ALL LIFE. In fact, transporting animals with the potential of having hoof and mouth, anthrax,etc. can be far more reaching than the average person can imagine and there will be a when this happens and not an if….so people may be affected, their pets, livestock at every stop in a 50 to 300 mile radius. This is the behavior of all types of animal rescues.
I own horses and I have to stop at check points, I have to have health certificates and coggins test results….it’s time that the rescues be accountable and responsible to meet the same regulations as I do.
March 26 at 2:52pm • Unlike • 3

Linda Sue Amber Simposn, I will post more references later today, I cannot thank you enough for being open to reviewing these alternatives.

Kat Finelli is correct, any rehabs that practice this barbaric feeding protocol need to be re-educated and changes are in order because this is indeed a serious issue of deliberate and unnecessary animal cruelty.

For the Rabbits,
Linda Sue
March 26 at 3:01pm • Like • 2

Linda Sue Wow, those are Great Points Veronica Cheveyo, I would like to hear a response to your questions.
March 27 at 10:21pm • Like

Linda Sue ‎@Amber Simpson or Lisa: Looking forward to an update after your Directors have made a decision, thank you for your interest and time.
For the Rabbits, Linda Sue
March 28 at 9:04am • Like • 1

Florence Chesko Jacobsen OMG! 2 for one admission!! The price to pay to see filthy cages, under weight animals..horrible conditions..I have been to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa and in MY OPINION they are the worst culprits when it comes to animal abuse! I cannot believe anyone would support them!
March 28 at 11:33am • Unlike • 3

Shawna Frantz It is amazing after reading a comment about why animal organization turn on each ither instead of working and helping each other….well from what i’ve seen Big Car Rescue is the Biggest culprit for attacking any other facility who doesn’t fall in there line and wiuld dare to challenge them with there practice and self proclaimed “experts”
March 28 at 11:52am • Unlike • 2

Shawna Frantz Why would ANY organization feed Live domestic prey to any animal…..even an idiot know BIG CAT RESCUE is training Bobcats to hunt Domestic animals after release….EASY PREY!!!! Whats happening to animals that prey on domestics in communitys around this Country? ?????
March 28 at 11:57am • Unlike • 1

Shawna Frantz There killed!!! So there goes BcR expert knowledge!!! Wouldn’t dinate a penny to this organization or any who support them!!!!
March 28 at 11:59am • Unlike • 1

Linda Sue Good points Florence and Shawna..
March 28 at 12:03pm • Like

Sandra Janoski shared
March 28 at 9:12pm • Like

Kimberly Gronemeyer It is really great to see so many people passionate about saving all animals’ lives! Thanks to everyone contributing here for all the information. It will be very useful in taking a stand on this important issue.
March 28 at 10:27pm • Unlike • 2

Florida Voices for Animals Three of us are compiling the information you, our fellow activists, have supplied and will present it to the board.
March 29 at 6:34am • Unlike • 5

Linda Sue Thank you for your Compassion & Support Kimberly Gronermeyer.

FVA: Thank you so very much. ♥
March 29 at 8:33am • Like • 1

Tom Imke Thank you FVA for being open enough to consider both sides.
March 29 at 10:30am • Unlike • 1

Lisa Holland Lovelace Carole Baskin has in the past, gotten rid of all the chickens on the property, by instructing her employees to throw them in the pens with the large cats, her reason was “she was tired of them pooping everywhere & on the cars. This is not heresay, it came from one of her employees, but I’m sure she will deny that also. Carole Baskin is another one that is more slippery than a greased pig.
March 29 at 11:16am • Like

Linda Sue Florida Voices for Animals, any updates?
April 7 at 11:17am • Like

Florida Voices for Animals Not yet, but we are planning to discuss this with the board this week.
April 9 at 6:55pm • Unlike • 1

Florida Voices for Animals
I am afraid she is misinformed. I’ve been waiting to receive the go-ahead from the board to post a follow-up here, and I’m not going to do so now without getting their approval on the proper wording. But what I can say is I don’t know where Kat got that idea. The board meeting was Thursday. That meeting went late into the evening. It is now Saturday. We’re working on a followup statement, but what you have heard is not correct.
April 14 at 5:37pm • Like

Linda Sue Thank you, and please accept my apology. I look forward to your update. (removing the comment)
April 14 at 6:27pm • Like

Kat Finelli
Check with Myriam (Sp?) her response to me about the live feeding at BCR in a phone conversation was if it is necessary to train the bobcats for release then what would you have BCR do? She requested info as she stated she would not do anything without positive proof that rehabbers can and do use other methods. Fl Voices for Animals has known for at least one year about the live feeds We hope they now will stand against the live feeds at all rehabbers who use them not just BCR Our pet rabbits or any animal should be able to live in peace. The questions is a very simple one and we owuld like a simple yes or no answer does Florida Voices for Animals approve of live feeds.
April 15 at 8:53am • Unlike • 2

Florida Voices for Animals Kat, your conversation with Myriam took place before the board meeting–before they discussed the matter.
April 15 at 9:22am • Like

Linda Sue Very good, looking forward to the update.
April 15 at 6:18pm • Like

Florida Voices for Animals
Official statement from the board: Florida Voices for Animals appreciates our Facebook supporters’ discussion of BCR’s live feedings. We are an educational group with a mission of raising awareness about animal cruelty issues and letting the public know what they can do to help animals. In order to respond to this concern appropriately, we must first fully educate ourselves about the issue and possible alternatives. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this process and assure you that we take the suffering of any animal, regardless of species, very seriously.
April 17 at 7:45am • Like

Linda Sue
Apparently Kat Finelli’s information was correct and I rescind my apology.

Translation of FVA “Official Statement” =
FL Voices for Animals appreciates public concerns for the suffering animals however will continue to support this Intentional Animal Cruelty at BCR while claiming to research alternatives.

Possible alternatives? The information provided to FVA directors were Factual Alternatives, and FVA was given sufficient proof that this practice is unnecessary including a statement from the Executive Director of The National Bobcat Rescue and Research Foundation; as well as other documents from other bobcat rehabs that never live feed having successful releases of raised and rehabbed bobcats.
However FL Voices for Animals chooses to follow in the footsteps of HSUA, PETA and ALDF who give “special permissions” to allow animal cruelty to their valued supporters.

FVA Supporter list:


The list goes on.

Thank you for your non- support of the helpless voiceless animals that continue to be torn apart alive at BCR, you should be very proud. I will be certain to alert the public of your decision.

Furthermore; educational groups that stand behind their mission statements of raising awareness about animal cruelty issues do not support facilities that practice it; if you truly took the suffering of any animal seriously you would Never support deliberate animal cruelty.

The FVA website asks for donations while posting this mission statement: “We target all animal issues: Vivisection, exploitation, animals in entertainment, domestic abuse and neglect, factory farm cruelty and wildlife issues We promote plant-based diets as a way to help the most animals”.
Your website also references this quote: “We have a moral obligation to protect those considered vulnerable, both human and non-human”.

FVA does not stand behind what they promote. I believe you should change your Org name to: “Florida Voices for Most Animals” and stop taking donations from the public who believes you stand behind your mission statements, in my opinion this is fraud.
April 17 at 10:26am • Like • 1

Sara Serval ‎Linda Sue – while this thread kept continuing, I was investigating “Florida Voices for the Animals” org. Upon the investigaton, it is noted that they fully support, the HSUS, and Born Free USA. One of FVA committees “Companion Animal Committee [CAC]” is against exotic animal owners/breeders/sancutaries/zoos. They are heavily animal rights, not animal welfare.
April 17 at 10:54am • Unlike • 2

Linda Sue Thank you Sara Serval, that is even more reason this Org should Change their mission statement.
April 17 at 10:57am • Like

Linda Sue FVA, Referencing the FVA website:

I notice your Member Benefits page no longer lists the BCR logo or the free passes to BCR as a membership benefit. Please advise if FVA is no longer advertising for BCR or offering the passes while you are researching this topic of live feeds, and if so, why is this information not listed in your Official Statement above?

FVA Member Benefits
‎15% off all Arbonne productsRepresentative: Nancy Gribble 813-263-4294vegandivaskincare4U@myarbonne.comVegan Certified skincare, health and wellness products for the entire family. Never tested on animals. Formulated in Switzerland, made in the USA.
April 17 at 12:51pm • Like •

Tina Manter
I am not vegan & I come from a Native American family that hunted for their food. Some of my family still hunts to this day. Domestic rabbits have an entirely different scent than wild rabbits & in the wild they do not recognize eachother as being.rabbits. Scent is important to wild animals & if anything they are encouraging these cats to attack family pets. If they don’t need to be taught how to hunt in the first place it seems foolish. Anyway I do not support this if studies do in fact show it is unnecessary.
April 17 at 1:18pm • Unlike • 2

Tom Imke Tina, we have been trying to explain that fact for what seems like years but BCR seems to feel that rabbit is rabbit and FWC just doesn’t seem to care since rabbits have no protection in law.
April 17 at 1:29pm • Unlike • 1

Vera Newberry Chaples
The LAST thing you want a captive cat to do is to look to moving targets as food. Enrichment yes (inanimate objects of course). And I can telly you (sadly but a lesson well learned) that domesticated does not have the same reaction, (domesticated rabbits do not have the same survival instincts of it’s wild cousins) nor the same scent. So rehabbing (right.. ) bob cats using domesticated rabbits does NOT prepare them truly for release.. unless it is to hunt a rabbit hutch in someones yard (remember cats are opportunists)
April 17 at 1:30pm • Unlike • 1

Linda Sue Well said Tina Manter, Tom Imke and Vera Newberry Chaples.
April 17 at 1:40pm • Like • 1

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