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Just Another Day at BCR

May 29, 2014 in Admin

BCR claims the Domestic Rabbits they “Unnecessarily” Feed to Big Cats as TREATS are frozen-
What do you think?

(Screenshots from (Shareable) Public photos on Facebook above)



What is a Sanctuary?
A Sanctuary is a place where animals can come to live and be protected or the rest of their lives. It’s a safe haven, where they receive the very best care possible. They are given every opportunity to behave naturally in a wonderfully loving environment.

See public photos (Intern) at Big Cat Rescue (a self proclaimed Sanctuary) being taught Unethical Practices of disrespecting Domestic Rabbits and Rats.

Review how Ethical Facilities feed their Big Cats

See Big Cat Rescue torturing and killing helpless domestic rabbits in the name of Rehab

Despite the signatures of over 8,000 people on Causes.com

Over 800 Signatures on Change.org

And numerous letters from Wildlife Experts; BCR Tampa continues to Unnecessarily use Live or Dead domestic rabbits and rats to train and feed their Big Cats 

Please ask BCR to run an Ethical Facility and STOP Torturing and Killing Helpless Live Domestic Rabbits, Rats & Turkeys in the name of Rehab and to STOP supporting the Unnecessary Cruelty of breeding and selling of Domestic Rabbits & Rats and using them as Treats for Big Cats and and feed a diet of organ meat, beef, chicken and fish – meats from animals that have already lost their lives for the human food chain, the same foods Ethical Facilities use with success.

Domestic Rabbits are not a Natural Diet of Big Cats in the wild, nor are they a necessary part of their diet in captivity, Please Stop The Cruelty and Respect all animal life.

BCR email contacts: Info@BigCatRescue.orghoward.baskin@bigcatrescue.orgCarole.Baskin@BigCatRescue.orgMakeADifference@BigCatRescue.org


For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue

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