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Copyright Information can be found on this site:  http://cocatalog.loc.gov


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Type of Work:

Visual Material

Registration Number / Date:

VA0001788273 / 2011-08-25

Application Title:

BCR Volunteers with Whole Prey Rabbits.


BCR Volunteers with Whole Prey Rabbits.


Electronic file (eService)

Copyright Claimant:

Julie Hanan. Address:4410 Endicott Place,Tampa,FL,33624,United States.
Big Cat Rescue Corp., Transfer: By written agreement. Address: 12802 Easy Street,Tampa,FL,33625,United States.

Date of Creation:


Date of Publication:


Nation of First Publication:

United States

Authorship on Application:

Julie Hanan; Domicile:United States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: photograph(s)

Rights and Permissions:

Aleksas Barauskas, Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP, 403 E. Madison St., Suite 400, Tampa, FL, 33602, United States, (813) 225-2500, aleksasb@jpfirm.com


Hanan, Julie
Big Cat Rescue Corp.


It is my Opinion the interesting part about this copyright is that there is no intent to protect anything creative or to maintain the market value of the photo. The photo was taken in 2009 by a volunteer and I believe the copyright was obtained (transferred) strictly to remove it from the electronic media and public view.

Photo Image is posted on Imagezone.org, 

Carole Baskin claims this photo is taken out of context, and Howard Baskin states he is suffering if the photo is posted on websites. How can this photo be taken out of context and Howard is suffering?

What about the rabbits that suffer being tortured and killed at this facility when barbarically being fed alive to bobcats? What about the suffering of the rabbits being bred and killed to be fed as “Treats” to big cats at this facility? Both Unnecessary requirements for bobcats in rehab or big cats in captivity.

In addition to these copyright attacks, it is my belief that BCR maintains a website called 911animalabuse where they purport to post about people charged with animal abuse while using the site as an “enemies” list posting private information about the people that report the truth about their facility.

In 2012, BCR requested the personal information on Linda Sue and upon receiving that information posted it in public on their 911 website.


“Prior” the FWC Investigation the BCR Facebook page contained the photo of 3 BCR volunteers sitting on a golf cart with great big smiles and each holding what appears to be a bleeding and battered domestic rabbit, with one possibly still alive.   See Photo Here

When the owner of BCR became aware that the photo was posted on several facebook pages, she stated that she had never seen the photo before,  BCR then acquired the rights to photo from the owner and placed it under copyright for BCR.


Linda Sue is a lover and rescuer of all animals, works at a wildlife center and rescues domestic rabbits.  One day in 2011 BCR was featured on an ABC news story, however it was shocking to discover that part of the feature consisted of a Bobcat battering a live domesticated rabbit and eventually killing and eating it.  There was outrage from the “rabbit community” and denials excuses and explanations from the owner of BCR. 

In response; an investigation into BCR was launched and specifically the practice of Live Feeding.  After working at 3 wildlife centers and having first hand knowledge of wildlife rehab, along with extensive research, many reasons were found not believe what the owner (Carol Baskin) has used as excuses.  Several on-line causes against both Live Feeding and BCR were born as well as complaints filed with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission .

The BCR Cause intentions are posted on the Home Page and in the Public Disclosure:

1. To bring awareness to the situation.

2. To promote the place of domestic rabbits in the public view, as companion animals, not food sources.

3. To bring realization that some Wildlife Centers are unnecessarily using Live domestic animals in rehab; not only do domestic rabbits suffer in live feeds but also mice, rats, guinea pigs, chickens and turkeys as well as any wild animal that may be used.

4. To promote discussion on humane ways to deal with the situation, and not set back the years of work by hundreds of rabbit and small animal rescues.

Testimonies from sources/interviews, comments, criticism and articles are released without malice (i.e., without intent to harm) to any parties and intended solely for educational purposes.

WPM has not misappropriated the BCR Photo Speaks for itself, nor has WPM misrepresented their unnecessary barbaric practices of live feeding domestic rabbits.
Live feeding is barbaric, outdated and Ethical facilities do not live feed while successfully releasing bobcats, raptors, cheetah’s and more.  This is not an Opinion; it is a Fact and references can be found Here.
In Fact, BCR has failed to Reference One Single Wildlife Rehabilitative Authority that recommends feeding
Live Domestic Rabbits to wildlife in rehab, because there are no such recommendations as its not only cruel and inhumane, it is detrimental to the wild animals survival after release.

BCR goes even further to state: ” Feeding Live Domestic Rabbits is the preferred method of feeding carnivores by all of the most respected groups such as the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council and the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association” however we have a written response from NWRA stating they neither condone nor condemn the feeding of live domestic rabbits to bobcats undergoing rehabilitation for release into the wild.  See Here 
There are no documented guidelines found for rehabbers that state feeding of live domestic rabbits is acceptable in the NWRA Basics of Wildlife Rehabilitation.
We have contacted the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council who was appalled to hear that this was even happening and referred us to rehabilitation centers that rehabbed big cats.


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