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March 10, 2013 in Admin

Dear Cause Members,

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(Authority references listed below letter)
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Regarding FWC Complaint Response:  FWSW12OFF9040 7/17/12

Complaint #1
BCR producing live stream internet feeds of native Florida wildlife under active wildlife rehabilitation, for public view

Attention: FCW Inspector General Mike Troelstrup, Major Amy Schmidt, Director of Investigations
Re: FWC Investigators continually dismiss and ignore the following facts and complaints.

Jamie Veronica Murdock” was issued a warning on March 17, 2011,
for a violation of Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 68A-9.006.
Posting videos of wild animals in rehabilitation status.

However these same videos remain on the internet today March 10, 2013 FACTUALLY Posted on BCR’S Personal Internet Accounts and Under the Control of Big Cat Rescue Corp. The bobcats in the videos were in Fact under rehab status, yet FWC continues to dismiss the complaints and ignore these facts since Oct 3, 2011. Referencing Fl Administrative Code (F.A.C) 68A-9.006 please see that these videos are removed from ALL Big Cat Rescue’s Accounts on the Internet.

Lt. Delacure has advised that the videos of the three particular bobcats
that were under Rehab status and are in question have been removed from any
website that is under the control of BCR.

Manson and Amerson either did not appear to be under the control of BCR, were not displaying native wildlife, were not public, or were not displaying an animal undergoing rehabilitation at the time of the Investigators’ report.
Not only does BCR continue to Ignore the FL Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 68A-9.006 they would like FWC to change their State Regulations so that BCR can continue to post these photos and videos of wildlife in rehabilitation status on the Internet. I would like to ask FWC Not to change their State Regulations to suit BCR.

The following videos of bobcats in rehabilitation are currently posted on BCR Internet Accounts and are in violation of Florida rule:

The Big Cat Rescue Website:
!!!WARNING!!! This video shows scenes of live animal predation.

Big Cat TV: BCR Vimeo Account: Warning this video shows scenes of live animal predation

BCR DailyMotion Account: Warning this video shows scenes of live animal predation

BCR DailyMotion Account:  (Bobcats in rehab)

Carole Baskin also has videos under another Youtube Account that is called the: Secret law of Attraction.
Here you will see live rats being tortured and killed by the bobcats in rehabilitation.

Big Cat Rescue Myspace Account:
Bobcat Predation Photos:
BCR Photos of Bobcats during rehab:

BCR Account:
WARNING!!! This video shows scenes of live animal predation.

BCR Video Post:
“territory”! Another big change for the kittens came when we switched them to a live prey diet, so they can practice their hunting skills that come naturally to them. Read how we rescued the kittens here: If you would like to adopt their mom, Bobbi and give her a forever home contact

BCR Post:
!!!WARNING!!! THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SCENES OF LIVE ANIMAL PREDATION-!! The Big Cat Rescue- Bobcat Rehabilitation Program. We currently have three individual bobcats that we are rehabilitating.

BCR WordPress Account:
!!!WARNING!!! This video shows scenes of live animal predation. The three bobcat kittens are released into their outside rehab enclosure!

BCR Account: Bobcats in rehabilitation The three bobcat kittens are released into their outside rehab enclosure! published: 08 Sep 2010, author: SecretLawAttraction

BCR Account:
!!!WARNING!!! This video shows scenes of live animal predation. The three bobcat kittens are released into their outside rehab enclosure!

Christopher Poole – Staff of Big Cat Rescue: Account
Several videos of Bobcat kittens in rehabilitation status, eating status, playing status and killing live animals -predatory status.

Complaint #2

Feeding of live prey to wildlife under active wildlife rehabilitation  (Specifically Domestic Rabbits)

FWC does not seem to be interested in going beyond the word of the owner of Big Cat Rescue and conduct a proper investigation on the unnecessary and extreme cruelty of feeding live domestic rabbits to rehabbing bobcats. FWC considers Live rabbits, rats and mice to all be necessary prey items for rehabilitation of predators and states live feeding is crucial to the rehabilitation of the species while claiming to reference rehab studies, however when asked to share these rehab studies Sabrina Menendez of FWC states they would be provided in a separate email, but no response has been given to date.

FWC Jason Marlow states the FWC Legal Section notes that the practice of feeding live prey items to carnivores undergoing wildlife rehabilitation, for the purpose of preparing the wildlife for release to the wild, is a documented and acceptable industry procedure, however when asked for references of the documented acceptable industry procedures and the FWC Legal Section; Jason Marlow responded by stating – “The reference to the “FWC Legal Section” refers to a group of attorneys and legal staff, so I will be unable to provide you with a copy of this document”.

Cause members have repeatedly sent FWC documented professional references that state the live feeding of animals is not needed in Wildlife Rehabilitation.
The National Bobcat Rescue and Research Foundation (NBRR) is the largest wild caught and captive raised bobcat rescue, rehabilitation center and sanctuary in the United States. NBRR is dedicated to the caring and understanding of the North American Bobcat (Lynx Rufus) and provides Ethical Rehabilitation Courses at their facility that do not promote the feeding of live prey.

Mystic Jungle Educational Facility explains how years of breeding into domestication has stripped the domesticated rabbit of any sense of survival resulting in the rabbit having no idea it is about to be eaten and often times will walk right up to the predator face to face, this fact is not only inhumane to the domestic rabbit but also could be more detrimental to the cat as far as survival. Cats are also observational learners and this practice would only teach the cat to look for domesticated rabbits after being released.

Amber McNamara, DVM, CVA, Clinic Director Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc: We don’t use any live prey for feeding bobcats. When we feed them, the staff is diligent about making a disconnect between humans and food; the vast majority of our patients are very instinctual, and don’t need the live prey stimulus to tap into their wildness or train them to be hunters. Just as we don’t need to teach baby birds to fly or otters to swim – they are incredibly instinctual. We don’t use any live prey for raptors either, which I know many places do. I don’t feel that the white mouse or domestic rabbit as prey is a true test of hunting ability, as those aren’t the same prey that these predators will find out in the wild – and the act is far from fair to the mouse or rabbit. I feel the same way about these as the bobcats…I feel that they have the instincts to be hunters and don’t need us to teach them. We have all made tremendous commitments to animals; at CROW we take pride in offering respect and compassionate care to all species. It breaks my heart to think of how these rabbits must feel when placed into a predator’s cage.

Dana Krempels, Ph.D.Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies University of Miami Department of Biology: Domestic rabbits do not mimic the behavior of wild prey by any stretch of the imagination. Do the people at BCR honestly think that contact with a domestic rabbit in any way prepares a bobcat for pursuit of a wily, speedy wild rabbit? If so, they have no knowledge of the biology or natural history of the wildlife they purport to “rehabilitate.” There is no logical or practical reason to throw live rabbits to any captive big cat. Enrichment (and yes, even kill training) for the captive cats can be provided in hundreds of different ways that do not involve the torture of sentient, intelligent creatures. The fact that the BCR staff does not value the lives of anything but their captive cats does not make those other species less deserving of protection under the law.

FWC continues to dismiss these references and the fact that live feeding is not needed, while condoning and promoting this barbaric behavior with unreferenced claims of accepted practice. Factually, there are no organizations or rehabilitator guidelines that promote or mention the feeding of tame live domestic rabbits to wild animals in rehab.

In Conclusion
Bobcats are fierce killers equipped to kill animals as large as a deer; as well as feed off of dead carrion, a survivalist and down right scavenger that maintains natural born hunting skills (just like a domesticated cat does) that is hard wired into it.  Florida’s endangered beach mice are due to domestic cat predation, would  FWC ask us to believe such ignorance that a fierce wild predator needs hunting training by humans?

The Hillsborough County and the State Attorney, declined to file any formal charges for animal cruelty in response to these complaints however; if the live prey is being used for “rehabbing”, then it seems to be acceptable because it is a so called protocol, even though most sanctuaries do not use that protocol because it is unethical. But to subject live domestic tame rabbits to such a cruel and unusual death, by feeding them to predators, makes this act fall under the “animal cruelty” statutes.

Please consider reviewing this request to stop this unnecessary cruel practice of extreme animal cruelty and help stop the live feeding of domestic rabbits at Wildlife Rehab Facilities, i.e. Big Cat Rescue Tampa.

Referenced is a Cause Petition currently showing 5,330 Signatures asking FWC to Stop condoning the unnecessary torture and killing of live domestic rabbits. Signatures available upon request.

Please send a confirmation that this complaint was received,


Authority References:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission,

FWC Inspector General
Mike Troelstrup, Inspector General
620 South Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600
Phone: 850-488-6068
Fax: 850-488-6414

Major Amy Schmidt, Director of Investigations
(Certified Inspector General Investigator, Certified Accreditation Professional)
620 South Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600
Phone: 850-488-6068

Grimsley, Denise


Commissioner Lesley “Les” Miller, Jr. — District 3
Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners • PO Box 1110, District 3
Tampa, FL 33601-1110
Phone: 813-272-5720
Fax: 813-272-7048
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