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C#FWSW11OFF9131 -11/2/2011

April 22, 2012 in Admin



FWC is not responding to emails, to my knowledge this complaint is still open – filed on Oct 3, 2011.

Date: Thursday, November 3, 2011, 12:13 PM

Ms. Linda,

I received this complaint any another over 80 times. It was forwarded to the region and is currently under investigation, so I am unable comment on details. Below is the case #.

Captain Jason Marlow Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Regional Offense Case # is FWSW11OFF9131.  Videos still remain on the Internet-

Big Cat Rescue was advised of the violation and was ordered to remove the video from the public website and BCR corporate officer “Jamie Veronica Murdock” was issued a warning on March 17, 2011, for a violation of Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 68A-9.006.

68A-9.006 Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit.
Page 2
3. Wildlife undergoing rehabilitation or medical treatment shall not be exhibited. Permittees may keep wildlife with permanent physical impairments for educational display under permit in accordance with Section 379.3761, F.S., and Chapter 68A-6, F.A.C.

Bobcats torturing and killing 2 Live Domestic Rabbits

Bobcats torturing and killing Live Rats http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb2dwl7z2PA

Warning this video shows scenes of live animal predation http://vimeo.com/14805317

Warning this video shows scenes of live animal predation

Warning this video shows scenes of live animal predation http://www.vidyomatik.com/watch_video.php?v=4a1e4ba24e98975

ITunes Podcasts Downloads #81 – Predation video download.

#90 – Warning!!!

Bobcats in rehabilitation videos are still on line

Not to add that they are still raising money and they are dead



Carole Baskin also has videos under another account that is called the:
Secret law of Attraction.

There is more, but I am certain that you get the idea from these videos.

BCR Bobcat Predation Photos including photos: http://www.myspace.com/1bigcatrescue/photos/albums/album/2782648

BCR Photos of Bobcats during rehab: http://www.myspace.com/1bigcatrescue/photos/albums/album/2759997

Medical Treatment: Big Cat Hosptial “Live Stream” of Rehab bobcats

BigCatHospital on Ustream
You can check the progress of SKIP the bobcat LIVE using our hospital cam:

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