Beagles on Fire/Live Feeding/Wayne Pacelle

Use of live or dead rabbits in training greyhounds has been banned in several States:  Advisory Legal Opinion – Use of live or dead rabbits in training greyhounds

We the petitioners would like to file Animal Cruelty Complaints on David Wring of Beagles On Fire for the unnecessary, intentional and barbaric torturing of tame domestic rabbits being used as Live Bait to train his breeding hunting dogs and for selling and recommending tame domestic rabbits to be used as Live hunting training Bait by others when there are ethical alternatives.  Please Sign and Share this Petition  

The HSUS not only ignored the pleas of help regarding Big Cat Rescue Tampa torturing and killing Live domestic rabbits in the name of Rehab; they have also ignored our recent pleas to help the domestic rabbits being used as Live Bait for Hunting Dog Training.
Wayne Pacelle’s Facebook Page Responded with the following comments.  We have emailed the recommended department and still no response has been given.


The Facebook Post Can be read Here, however comments have been removed:

You can read the entire public post here: Wayne Pacelle – Facebook…

Beagles On Fire
David Wring

259 Mt. Gilead
Holly Springs
MIssissippi 38635



This is not an isolated incident, it is happening in many States, updates will be posted. 


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