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BCR Changed Inspection Report

January 30, 2016 in Admin

FWSW14OFF15055 Inspection Date: 11/07/2014 – Cages, Paddocks, pools appear NOT to have been CLEANED, RAKED, SCRUBBED, & DISINFECTED within prescribed schedules.
Mrs. Baskins needs to be aware of the following but not limited to:  FWC Report: BigCatRescueBaskinCarolROU11072014 (002)

Big Cat Rescue states FWC “erroneously characterized their observations as violations” in the Inspection on 11/7/2014 and that a new report was made because of these “Mistakes”.    Is BCR stating the Florida Fish & Game is not qualified to make valid Inspections and that BCR has special privileges allowing a new amended report (with Major Changes) called a “Final Report”?
This is not understandable, are the FWC staff not properly trained and does every Big Cat facility in FL have a right to ask for amended Investigative Reports?
Read the BCR post: http://bigcatrescue.org/big-cat-rescue-watch/

10/2/2014 – Big Cat Rescue Issued Warning for Leopard Enclosure
The Florida Wildlife Commission confirms they have issued a warning but will not comment further on the situation, citing an ongoing investigation into several complaints about Big Cat Rescue.
FWC Investigation Report:  FWSW14OFF13437BaskinBCR100214ReportLeopard

News Article

9/15/2015, A public record request was sent to FWC for the Inspection Report on Big Cat Rescue Tampa in August 2015

Response given by FWC:
Please see the investigators notes below in reference to your public records request. No report taken.
FWSW15OFF011626 (8-20-2015) Conducted routine inspection along with Inv 2 Paul, No violations noted, all prior prior violations have been corrected. Phoot’s were sent to Tallahassee.  (Hough)

9/17/2015 a request was made for the report noting “all prior violations have been corrected
9/18/2015 a report dated 11/7/2014 with the Inspection number FWSW14OFF15055 was sent.
BigCatRescueBaskinCarolROU11072014 (002)

9/18/2015 Request was made for Inspection Reports if there were were between that date of 11/7/2014  and the inspection date of 8-20-2015 with violations or repeated violations. 

Lt. Lowers stated – Those are the only two reports that we have on file for that time frame. Without checking with are communications center for calls for service or complaints I would not be able to answer as to whether or not there were any other visits. If you are requesting that information, I can get you a time and cost estimate to proceed with checking that database.

10/1/2015 – After request for more Inspection Reports the following were sent. 




 10/9/2015 – After reviewing the new reports it was noticed that there were two copies of the same report – FWSW14OFF15055 with the same date of 11/7/2014.   Not understanding how the report could be changed, or who would have the authority to change it since several violations occurred a complaint was sent to the Inspector General of FWC.  (as follows)

The following is a summary of the report changes that I see, which makes the original violations go away:

  1. Checkmark has been removed from “Checklist” number 5 (Cages, Padlocks, pools appear to have NOT been CLEANED, RAKED, SCRUBBED & DISINFECTED with prescribed schedules.
  2. All “Violations” have been changed to “Discrepancies” as well as the notice removed that “all violations shall be corrected within 30 days from the receipt of this report or further action may be taken.
  3. According to the document comparison, 76 words have been added to this report while 170 words have been deleted.

Copies of both reports with the same Inspection number and date were attached with a side by side comparison of the two reports for review.
Both reports are listed above:
BigCatRescueBaskinCarolROU11072014 (002)
Compared reports

11/23/2015 Completed Investigation received, case closed.
15-69Q Final Memorandum

Regarding the “Unclear Version of the FWC Inspection Report”  in the Final Memorandum:

There was not an “unfounded or unclear report” sent into FWC, nor was the report renamed or altered.  The computer added a (1) on the end of the FWC document when downloading because it was a duplicated download to the desktop.   The report and contents are the exact same original document.  Computers renaming duplicate documents is standard computer behavior and should be known by any computer professional or Attorney. 

15-69Q Final Memorandum_Page_7

12/10/2015 Request for the following correspondence was made.

Correspondence between Howard/Carole Baskin (Big Cat Rescue) and Capt. Hooker regarding the noted complaint number.  Any correspondence between the Baskins (Big Cat Rescue) and William King.  Any correspondence between the Baskins (BCR), Captain Hooker and William King in a 3-4 week period after the inspection report starting the day of the inspection 11/7/2014.

Any email correspondence between Howard/Carole Baskin (Big Cat Rescue) and all Fish & Game Staff regarding their Violations from 2014 and 2015.

The following Correspondence was received as requested the week of 1/17/2016 on a CD containing Microsoft Outlook .pst files.
The files were converted to Adobe .pdf’s for viewing.  

The files are very large and cannot be viewed online without an Adobe Reader DC, however you may Right Click on each file, and choose “save link as” to download to your Desktop. 
After downloading and opening the .pdf you will view several emails in each .pdf.  Some containing Attachments, to view the Attachments,  Right Click on the Attachment Name and choose Open – depending on the file attached they will either open in as an adobe.pdf or a word document .doc file.

Archive Baskins and Kara Hooker_1.pst

Archive Baskin – FWC_1.pst

Archive Baskins and William King_1.pst

Archive Baskin and FWC re violation 2014-3015_1.pst






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