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12/2/12 BCR Cause Alert

December 3, 2012 in Admin

Listen to Big Cat Rescue on the Talking Animals Radio Show stating that there are currently 2 bobcats being “Taught” to hunt at their facility. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUWBR8CM6Ho

BCR not only continues this barbaric practice but teaches it to Interns and the public as needed and accepted behavior claiming wild predators require humans to teach them their natural born killing instincts or they will die. Factual research tells bobcats are fierce killers equipped to kill animals as large as a deer; as well as feed off of dead carrion, a survivalist and down right scavenger that maintains natural born hunting skills (just like a domesticated cat does) that is hard wired into it.

According to BCR, from 1997-2000 they did not live feed domestic rabbits to rehabbing bobcats, in fact, below is an article about a very young bobcat that was successfully released at their facility. It is understood this bobcat lived in the back of the property and was released in October 1999 after being in captivity for 4 months. His diet was exactly like the other cats which consisted of chicken and meat (animals already killed for the human food chain).  The rehabber fed him by teasing him with a piece of chicken tied to a rope to watch him hunt and pounce. (The same rehab protocol other Ethical Rehabs use to raise and release bobcats).  The article reads this was BCR’s second successful release that year.  http://bigcatrescue.org/2011/a-baby-bobcat-named-faith
Were the bobcats released in this time frame micro-chipped and monitored, were they found dead from the lack of ability to hunt?  If so is this study available to the public?

Being fed Live domestic rabbits only serves to teach the cat that humans will deliver the a toy. Domestic rabbits do not have the same survival instincts as wild rabbits, they walk right up to the cat out of curiosity unknowing they are going to be killed and the cat ends up “playing” the animal to death. They do not put out the same scent (adrenaline) as a wild rabbit so if a young bobcat is taught to seek out this type of animal with no sense of fear from humans, it could very well end up in someone’s back yard, and into their hutch of rabbit(s) This does no service to either the cat nor the rabbit.

Carole Baskin of BCR claims “people should not own exotic animals because they are dangerous to the public; even when bred and live in captivity because these are wild animals with wild instincts that will never be lost”. Carole also claims “the simple fact is no wild species of cat makes a good “pet” no matter what you do to try and tame them they will still have their wild  instincts and always be unpredictable and dangerous” that it is pure instinct for predators (cats) to attack children, other pets, or anyone whose back is turned. BCR posts “facts” about Savannah cats and how environmentalists fear they retain the strong hunting instincts of their African ancestors and could interbreed with millions of feral cats already in Australia, which have wrought havoc on the country’s indigenous wildlife.
However, at the same time it is claimed by BCR they need to Teach this same “Natural killing Instinct” to the natural born predators ( bobcats) BCR portrays to rehab.

Cats and Dogs have natural prey-chasing, capturing, and killing instincts. As a result of this and the large numbers of them in Florida, cats and dogs have the potential to severely impact local wildlife populations. Florida’s endangered beach mice are due to domestic cat predation. Feral kittens also manage to grow up in the wild when they loose their mothers.

The length of time that it takes a wild bobcat to become imprinted to humans or domestic pets is extraordinarily short and the care at wildlife facilities should be for the shortest time possible. Human scent should be masked with very limited human interaction. According to BCR they often use domestic cats to nurse baby bobcats allowing them to continue to play together after weaning, the workers are seen in photos and videos interacting with the bobcats who are housed indoors instead of in a natural setting where they are playing with toys and sleeping in blankets. Is this the expected practice from a wildlife expert?

Sanctuaries and Rescues are morally obligated to value ALL LIFE no matter how big or small the animal is. And that means putting a little more effort into finding ways to rehabilitate a carnivore without having to end another animals life, if needed the use of lures with no obvious human interaction can be accomplished with success. It is also up to the ethical rehabilitation centers to educate the ones that still do not know or care to know the truth. Rescues and Sanctuaries have the utmost obligation to both the people and the animals.. All Animals, because life is precious.

At what point will BCR understand that perhaps it isn’t right to feed live rabbits that are domesticated as pets to big cats when there are alternatives? There is no requirement or need to feed live animals in wildlife rehab, an no Wildlife Org recommends doing so. Ethical centers feed animals already killed for the human food chain because no Animal deserves this fate at the hands of a human being and no animal in rehab needs to torture and kill defenseless domesticated rabbits.

We have offered to take up a collection for BCR’S Carole Baskin to attend updated and continued educational wildlife rehab classes, however no response has been given.
The National Bobcat Rescue and Research Foundation is the largest wild caught and captive raised bobcat rescue, rehabilitation center, and sanctuary in the United States. NBRR rehabs approx 400 bobcats since 2008 and they do not feed live animals to rehabbing bobcats. http://www.nbrr.org/

BCR Tampa stated in the radio show that people should review their website regarding why they use domestic rabbits in rehab, you may review the website article and rebuttal here: http://causes.worldpeacemeet.com/stoplivefeeds/feeding-live-rabbits-bobcats-bcr/

BCR would like Rabbit Advocates to be their supporters; please Call Big Cat Rescue Tampa and respectfully ask them to update their rehab education and join with the Ethical Wildlife facilities who successfully raise, rehab and release bobcats without sacrificing any live animal, because we Rabbit Advocates would like to support BCR but we just can’t let the torture and killing of innocent animals go.

Please sign this Petition Asking FWCC to Stop Condoning this unnecessary barbaric animal cruelty.

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