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While understanding the laws of nature, we propose that Wildlife Rehabs not put the life of one animal above another, and find viable and humane ways to meet their objectives, and to be open to new ideas and ways to accomplish this. Many rescues work hard to save animals and promote their place in society and the companion animal world, and to dismiss that and undo all this great work with narrow vision does us all harm.

1. To bring awareness to the situation.

2. To promote the place of domestic rabbits in the public view, as companion animals, not food sources.

3. To bring realization that some Wildlife Centers are unnecessarily using Live domestic animals in rehab; not only do domestic rabbits suffer in live feeds but also mice, rats, guinea pigs, chickens and turkeys as well as any wild animal that may be used.

4. To promote discussion on humane ways to deal with the situation, and not set back the years of work by hundreds of rabbit and small animal rescues.

In Memory Of The Bloody Dutch Rabbit in the BCR Golf Cart Photo

That Appears To Be Alive with its Eyes Wide Open and Body Not Limp 

 We Fight For You – R.I.P.

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Here at the Jungle we do NOT condone nor practice live feedings. It is a cruel sick practice that is done for only one or two reasons. A. To cater to an individuals sick desire to see a helpless creature that has NO IDEA that it is about to be attacked (I cannot even say eaten as most captive cats, if given a live animal will “play” it to death and sometimes MAY eat it) or B. A money making venture to cater to the people that are in group A and will pay to see it.
Now with that being said, I do understand that sometimes a snake or carnivorous reptile if wild caught or the original breeder did not take the time to teach it to eat PK/FT (Pre killed/Frozen Thawed) but with time you CAN teach them to eat pre killed.
Sher Khan as well as the rest of the big cats here at the Jungle eat a diet of chicken, beef and occasionally some pork and fish for variety that is fit for human consumption. In other words they eat animals that have already lost their life in the human food chain.

To further prove my argument against the feeding of domesticated rabbits to bob cats, even in rehab, the bob cat is a survivor. They have natural instinct, and will survive. Feeding of domesticated rabbits (of which the rabbits have NO natural instinct for survival.. in other words they are oftentimes more curious about the animal that is about to maim and kill them) in no way “enhances” that prey drive, in fact it could teach them very well to stalk domesticated rabbits as the domesticated rabbit does not release adrenaline in response to the flight instinct it’s wild cousins do.

Bobcats are also scavengers. Look closely at the photo. Shrek, whom has NEVER been hungry a day in his life, Yet, he is always there at feeding time for the dogs. The dogs are fed a diet of a mix of dog food kibble and broiled chicken.. and he picks out the breast meat and eats away. THIS IS NOT his full diet. He is fed a diet of organ meat, beef, chicken and fish. All of these meats are from animals that have already lost their lives for the human food chain.

I must ask this question. WHY would anyone want to see another animal torn apart? I have been in the animal “industry” my ENTIRE LIFE. I am fully aware of the circle but these cats are in captivity and no matter how you may try you cannot recreate what they have in the wild. AND a domesticated animal such as a rabbit that is bred by man does NOT have the same instincts (to run and realize that it about to be attacked) nor smell. We are a facility that strives to provide a humane and kind home for ALL species of life.

Regarding feeding domestic rabbits as “Treats” to Captive Big Cats

It seems that there are a few big cat owners that make it no secret that they feed domesticated rabbits to their big cats. Then when the rabbit people (owners, lovers etc. confront them about it on pages that they are making fun of doing it.. that just to me shows the true character of a person.

Big cats are obligate carnivores, they must eat meat and you must comply with that diet or lose the cat.  However, when WE as humans take on the responsibility of having these big cats, then we also assume moral obligations as well.  Ethical zoo’s feed meat animals that have already lost their lives for the human food chain. There is no need whatsoever to feed domesticated PET rabbits to these cats.

I believe in not causing any animal undue stress or death. The feeding of an animal, that did not need to die, to another animal I cannot fathom. I love my cats without limitation, but I also have compassion for other beings and with all these programs available there is no need for extra animals to die. As far as needing the “intestinal tract” of the rabbit, in this program we get cow intestines all the time.

A hard look at the cats here will reveal healthy, happy, calm cats that have NEVER nor will the EVER be fed rabbits or any other PET animal. 
The reason we say animals that have lost their lives in the human food chain, these animals were destined to die.

I stand with Linda against this cruel, barbaric practice. At the very least if they are feeding dead rabbits, they are still contributing to the fact that rabbits are bred in most times inhumane conditions, factory style to supply the rabbits. That person would go out of business if people would stop buying. Much the same as the puppy mill crisis.  There is NO Need to do it other than you want to, It is wrong in my book and I won’t have it done at my facility.

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