Transfer of Rabbits to Wildlife/Predator Owner

CAS QUOTE  – Rabbit Rescue Update
“Charleston Animal Society reached out to Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach, Florida upon the recommendation of Pet Health, Inc., which is the largest shelter/rescue software management company in the U.S. and works with over 2,000 shelters/rescues”.

The Rabbit Community would like to understand if Pet Health Inc recommended the unaltered rescued/confiscated rabbits to be sent to a Kill Shelter in Florida and if they were aware of the plans that would immediately send the rabbits off to a Wildlife Center & Predator owner who would pass them off to 3 undisclosed”farms”?

Please Sign & Share the Petition and help Stop the Mistreatment of Domestic Rabbits.

Shelters have a responsibility to provide the best possible care for the animals they purport to rescue.
Rabbits are not low maintenance animals and the best welfare for domestic rabbits is with experienced Rabbit Rescue persons and Exotic Vet care.

Rabbit Rescues regularly work together to aid in confiscations and were available.