Jason Hoffman

It is highly contradicting that the missions of both CAS and Halifax placed rescued neglected pet domestic rabbits in the hands of farms where predators are rescued and where breeding may be practiced.   Halifax Humane Society publicly stated Jason was an established rescue partner as did Jason, yet his Wildlife Center is not listed on the Halifax website as a rescue partner nor can you find a current Wildlife License for Critter Encounters.   Halifax further states the rescue partners listed are the rescues Halifax Humane Society works with to help non-companion animals.   The domestic rabbits confiscated were pets not livestock or wildlife.

The Rabbit Community is not blaming Jason Hoffman for trying to place the rabbits however, we do feel that he should have recommended local Rabbit Rescues for help, the same as we recommend Wildlife Centers for wild animals – instead of placing the rabbits with his Friends on farms.   For reasons listed there is concern regarding the agenda of taking the rabbits from Charleston to Florida and their welfare.

Critter Encounters is not a Rabbit Rescue Organization nor is it a reputable facility according to USDA, FWC Violations and other public complaints
Please visit the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Volusia County Florida and on the (right side of the page under “document inquiry” where you may do a search on Jason Hoffman/Critter Encounters.

” Additionally, our records indicate that Mr. Hoffman is not currently authorized by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to possess wildlife for exhibition, sale, or wildlife rehabilitation purposes“.
Regards, Linda Harrison, Division of Law Enforcement 

You may also see the following documents relating to Licensing issues:

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FL11262-AC, Jason Hoffman, 7060_Redacted

Domestic rabbits are prey animals who frighten easily and can die from fear or shock. Yet they are being placed into the back of a loud open pick up truck near exhaust fumes for transportation by a purported responsible rabbit rescue person?  Jason states the rabbits are being “adopted by farms”.  There are no Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Farms in Florida.

Jason keeps domestic rabbits (prey animals) on his property full of predators in hutches.  It is unknown what he does with them all, but shows photos of using them in his Traveling Zoo to amuse the public and children while they are held off the ground and handled all day.

Kaitlyn, an associate of Jason can be found on the internet feeding Live rats to her snakes in videos.  Amusing comments are posted as titles and the public can watch the rat suffer while being crushed/suffocated to death.  Warning this video starts automatically.