Halifax/CAS Credibility

The Rabbit Community is asked to trust the word of Halifax Humane Society.

2009Pet Owner: Dog Was Going To Be Killed Over $80
“A Volusia County man, who lost his dog, says his beloved pet was about to be killed over $80. The Humane Society keeping his lost dog wants him to pay up or else”. 

2013Halifax Humane Society Kills Rescuer’s Lost Dog
“Heidi Klem, a local rescuer, had a dog named Stick escape last week and immediately began making phone calls.  One of those calls was to HHS to file a lost dog report for Stick, who was wearing two collars at the time he escaped”. 

2013 – Halifax Humane Society Euthanizes cats
“A pet owner is distraught after Halifax Humane Society euthanized two of her cats only one day after they were put up for adoption, despite an agreement saying they wouldn’t be killed”.

108 cats seized from Volusia County home put down
“Shelly Koch, another rescue cat sympathizer, said she and other rescue groups tried calling Halifax Human Society to find homes for those cats before the cats were euthanized, but claims those calls were ignored”.

2015/2016 – Charleston Animal Society staff will transport the bunnies in a climate-controlled van to the Halifax Humane Shelter in Daytona Beach, Chief Executive Officer Joe Elmore said Thursday. He expects the rabbits to be ready for adoption in about a week. Details will be posted on the shelter’s website at charlestonanimalsociety.org.

2016 – Details were Not posted on the CAS website as stated and instead the referenced link went straight to a DONATION PAGE.
70 confiscated domestic rabbits have been hidden by both Charleston Animal Shelter & Halifax Humane Society since 1/1/2016 when they were sent to Halifax who immediately transported them to a Predator Rescue/Wildlife Ctr that sent all the rabbits to 3 undisclosed Farms without spay and neuter.

jason transport 

Prosecutors drop embezzlement charge against former Charleston Animal Society president

“A State Law Enforcement Division investigation, however, resulted in charges filed in February accusing Karesh of siphoning money from the organization from September 2007 until September 2011 while serving as its acting executive director and president, according to an arrest affidavit.

Karesh was accused of writing numerous personal business checks made out to the shelter that he cashed to get money, the affidavit stated. The bank later sent those checks back to the animal society for having insufficient funds, resulting in additional banking fees, the affidavit said. An internal audit later put the amount of missing money at $71,388, SLED said.

The animal society had no comment on the case Thursday. But its attorney notified SLED last year that full restitution had been made, and that the organization didn’t want to pursue criminal charges against Karesh”.

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