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* Where are the 70 “Rescued” Domestic Rabbits Charleston Animal Society & Halifax Humane Society?
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 The Rabbit Community Respectfully Request Full Transparency on the status of the rabbits to ensure they are safe  and that continued suffering or breeding does not exist in their future.  Each rabbit was “tagged” at the CAS shelter.  HHS is in violation of Federal law, we request a response to the FOIA sent to Halifax.  

72 rabbits came into the Charleston Animal Shelter SC late Sunday on 12/27/2015.
12/28/2015 CAS stated they were stressed for space, then not long after most of the rabbits were miraculously adopted.

Despite stating there was a tremendous outpouring of folks who want to help…
“On Fri., Jan. 1, Joe Elmore, CEO of CAS stated most of the 72 rabbits were transported to the Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach, Fla. where rescue families were waiting“.
“It’s very challenging to get that many animals at one time, particularly when most of them are in poor health or something is wrong with them,” says Joe Elmore, chief executive officer of the Charleston Animal Society.

Points of Interest –  Halifax Credibility
Are the rabbits under the care of possible snake owners or breeders or experienced rabbit rescue persons?
Some of the rabbits have been allegedly tracked to an Urban Farm, please advise the public if this is truth?

According to the FWC website the owner is listed a Wildlife Rehabilitator.
According to this ad’s phone number there are snakes associated with this farm:
“$90 – HOG ISLAND BOA 4′ ( st. cloud ) near orlando. – up for sale is a 4 foot hog island boa, he’s a eating machine. call or text for pics 407-508-8075″.
According to this Facebook page, Central “Florida Hematological Society ” there is a history of breeding rats and mice.
According to this public website the phone number belongs to a Police Officer in Orlando.

Local rabbit rescue persons were frantically working to help CAS with placement for the rabbits and a local Veterinarian generously offered to provide services, however on 1/1/2016 the CAS shelter sent the rabbits, many claimed to be in poor health out of State to a kill shelter that has no room for the rabbits. Upon arrival to Florida Halifax Humane Society immediately passed 69 rabbits off to a Wildlife Center/rescuer of predators to be distributed to his friends on 3 “farms”. Posted photos show rabbits being placed in the back of a open bed pickup truck where they are exposed to loud noise and truck fumes. 

 Joe Elmore:
“The condition ranged; some had wounds that were not treated, others were in generally good health, but most of the animals had some kind of illness or some type of injury,” Elmore said. “Although vet care for multiple animals could be expensive, don’t have that many animals because it’s against state law to withhold veterinary care for your animals.”

In the ABC News4 video you can review a Treatment Chart on the CAS wall for 12/28/16 the day after intake.  Despite the claims of the rabbits being in poor condition there is no treatment plan other than 1 dose of Revolution for fleas and ear mites.  Rabbits with flea infestations or mites often need more than one treatment following a few weeks apart.  How did the rabbits receive extended care for fleas when they were passed off on farms within 5 days?  News articles stated rabbits had Upper Respiratory issues yet there is no mention of treating them on the CAS wall chart.  Who treated the rabbits in Florida for follow up URI care?

It will be another week before the animals are ready for adoption, shelter director Joe Elmore said Tuesday. They are being treated for mites, fleas, respiratory infections and other ailments

Per Joe Elmore, the rabbits were taken to the Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach, Fla. Staff at both shelters insist they are being sterilized and put into homes for adoption and about 85 percent of the bunnies had found homes by Friday.

Despite Elmore’s attempts to discredit the Rabbit Community by singling out one comment on Facebook, valid questions remain unanswered that should respectfully be addressed.
Where are all of the rabbits, including their offspring? If they are in legit homes or rescues why are they hidden? There are concerns of their Medical treatment and if qualified Exotic Vets will be spaying and neutering the rabbits and how 85% of the rabbits were placed within 3 days of arriving in Florida? It takes time to adopt out rabbits to safe homes, people need checked out, forms need filled out.

In the following article Joe Elmore states:
“Rabbits will NOT be used as food. This is misinformation being spread by uninformed people. A picture of one of the 
transporters with a snake (taken in an entirely separate situation) has been taken completely out of context on social media.”

All questions are valid when you have rabbits going to someone with snakes, and refuse to disclose where the rabbits went – claiming on the news and Facebook that went to Halifax Humane Society… when in Fact they were  to Jason Hoffman and sent to farms –
The Misinformation is clearly being spread by CAS and HHS.

Halifax Humane Society – CEO – Miguel Abi-hassan

Halifax Humane Society states they do not have room to house more than approx 3 rabbits, therefore is not understandable why 70 rabbits would be transported to their facility from out of State by CAS or why Halifax would intake the rabbits. Gainesville Rabbit Rescue is an approved partner for Halifax however they were not contacted by Halifax to help with the 69-70 rabbits nor were any Rabbit Rescues in Florida.
The “other rescues” mentioned in the media by both shelters seem have “no names” other than Critter Encounters who is known as a Wildlife Rescue run by Jason Hoffman with exotic animals, including large snakes, a traveling zoo and is not associated with Legit Rabbit Rescues in Florida.  Rabbit Rescue Update – Charleston Animal Society 1.4.15

“Today we are taking 72 rabbits from our shelter here to Daytona Beach to the Halifax Humane Society,” said Aldwin Roman, with the Charleston Animal Society. “A lot of the rabbits had mites and maggots”.  “Once the rabbits get to Florida, they will continue their medical treatments until they can be adopted out to homes”.

Maggots?  Rabbits with maggots (fly strike) is a very serious ER condition where every single maggot must be removed and killed for the animal to survive.  CAS stated the rabbits also had lice?
   There is no mention of maggot or lice treatment on the CAS treatment chart.
72 rabbits?  Now there are 3 missing rabbits?   How many rabbits actually came in and exactly how many sick rabbits were sent out of state on a stressful 334 mile trip?

It is stated by both shelters there is a contract to sterilize all transferred animals within 90 days, however it is not known how many of the rabbits were sent out with babies, pregnant or if the animals were separated by sex so not breed since both CAS and HHS did not sterilize the rabbits before handing over to Critter Encounters (represented as a credible rescue partner) who later distributed all the rabbits to friends with Farms.

The rabbits have been hidden since 1/1/2016 there is no way to determine they are safe, housed properly, being used for breeding or for food because the “internal investigation” is not public record and the names of the farms remain hidden. Many of the Rabbit Rescue questions have been removed from the shelters Facebook pages.

The Rabbit Community publicly asked Halifax/Charleston to allow a Rabbit Rescue persons to go behind the scenes to evaluate the situation. There has been no response.
There are no known Rabbit Sanctuary Rescues on farms in Florida, the only farms are breeding farms or livestock farms and it was stated that many of the rabbits were Angora breed which are popular for breeding. The Rabbit Rescue Community remains outraged.

If CAS was unaware the rabbits were being distributed to farms instead of being spayed, neutered and placed in adoptive homes would this not legally Violate any agreement between the shelters resulting with a demand for the rabbits return ?
Unfortunately, there have been no complaints from CAS or questions as to the status of the rabbits, only praise for Halifax and the stories continue to change on Facebook posts and in the News media as well as the number of rabbits rescued.

The rabbits were not treated by either shelter the way other animals in their care are treated.
They did not go to adoptive homes, they did not get spayed or neutered and there has been no validation they are alive,  in experienced rabbit rescue persons care, kept from breeding,  fed live by predators or used as food for humans.

Charleston Animal Society called for prosecution of the owner for mistreating the animals.

Claiming to be Hero’s while possibly sending neglected rabbits from one bad situation to farms that may have placed them into another bad situation is not acceptable.

Taking donations and Government funding and possibly not using that money to ensure the rabbits are re-homed to reputable rescues or safe adoptive families animals is not acceptable from a CEO of a shelter or a Director of Animal Services.
According to this Monday treatment plan the rabbits were only treated for fleas with Revolution, no antibiotics listed for URI’S. 

CAS Treatment chart

This kind of treatment of domestic rabbits taken from confiscations is not acceptable and is happening far too often.

The State of WV

State of AL

If our concerns are unfounded, public apology will be honored.
This page will be updated accordingly.