We Let Our Rabbit Loose!

I came across this disturbing article online dated 1/8/2012 
“We opened the cage door. Jack hesitated. Our rabbit hopped out, then back in to its cage.  Then one big leap and into the blackberry thicket like a brilliant white light on this frosty foggy day”.

 3/25/2012 – We released our New Zealand white rabbit into the snow, freeing her from her hutch (cage) inside the hen house.

5/13/2012 – “While I couldn’t bare to write about it in great detail, I did dedicate a post I wrote here on 8 Women Dream, called “Rabbits Touching Noses,” to our bunny Jack Lapin, who we lost to some wild thing just this past spring.

Shellie Croft, It is my Opinion that your Ignorance is nothing less than Appalling.  You not only kept a rabbit in a small smelly hutch and cage you also expected your small children to care for this rabbit and when they no longer wanted to you all thought it was cute to set him free in the wild; after mentioning the many predators in your area and posting photos of outdoor cats.

This ignorance not only caused the horrific death of the rabbit you so coldly through out in the wild,  your articles also reflect turkeys & chicks being killed that were left unprotected on your farm, providing easy targets for predators, then the predator stated to be shot by your husband after you have created this scenario.   Considering Jack was let out for “walkies” in your immediate front yard without protection from the many predators in your area, it was only a matter of time before he was taken by one.  It is not clear in your “dedication” to Jack Lapin if you are speaking of getting a new rabbit or if it is speaking about Jack, however I pray to God you never have another rabbit.

These were not the actions of having a “Good Heart” or “Doing the Right Thing for this Darling Creature” as you described, the rabbit you so easily dumped in the wild at some point suffered greatly because he could not fend for himself in any way and being a White Rabbit he was even more so standing out as a bright white SITTING TARGET for Predators to rip apart alive.  Education is out there and there was or is no excuse for what you did (to this helpless rabbit) and did not teach your daughter.

The comments on your page are even more disgraceful, you did not teach your daughter any life lessons you sent a helpless domestic rabbit without wild instincts to its death and taught this Cruelty to others!

Not a big surprise after reading your blog about you and your husband killing a turkey that took several hacks from a knife to the neck “again, then again. Then again, again, and once more, before any real amount of blood-letting began.  Continuing to explain how the turkey was hanging upside down trying to gobble while dying a much slower death than expected; while stating how you could not feel sadness because you had to begun to disassociate.  After eating the animal and washing the dishes you claim to have broken down for killing what had become a family pet –http://www.shelliesconsumption.com/

Shellie Croft’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shellie.croft

Shellie Croft, you claim to be a farmer, be a respectable one.  Please stop providing easy targets for predators, then killing the predators and educate yourself and your family and stop the suffering for the animals under your care. 



Domestic rabbits lack the survival instincts wild rabbits use to fend for themselves. So they become
food for everything from raccoons and dogs to crows and hawks. And the “lucky”ones who don’t get
eaten get run over by cars or die from heat or disease.
Please, before getting a bunny –or abandoning 
one – contact your local humane society or visit the House Rabbit Society at www.rabbit.org.


Please Contact The 8 Women Dream Project and let them know that their Story is not cute and it is promoting Cruelty to Animals! 



Photo Reference is the property of Shellie Croft