Little Bunny Lulu

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“Submerging rabbits into water can be extremely traumatic for a rabbit and can put them into shock; many rabbits have died from this kind of trauma. While you may have heard of rabbits who like to swim, most rabbits do not tolerate being submerged in water, and the shock of it can be deadly”
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Not only is Little Bunny Lulu’s pages promoting the rabbit swimming in pools, the blog also references the following accidents and bad diet as being “Humorous”.
(Please note any qualified Vet will safely shave your rabbit per request).

Crash Landing:  Lulu the bunny ran down a ramp crashing into a splintered wood wall knocking herself out cold for a good while, when she came too she hopped crooked and appeared to be drunk for the rest of the day.
Back to the ER/ Boo Boo: The little bunny is repeatedly taken to the Vet for stitches and staples due to the owners cutting open her skin when attempting to remove mats left on the body from improper grooming.  You then see the bunny then dressed in clothes.
Feeding the rabbit paper, candy doritos and pop.
Cats sharing the litter box


Please Stop Promoting Acts That Can Harm Rabbits

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