Walden Green Montessori School

RIP – Fluffy the Classroom Rabbit
Walden Green Montessori  / Alleged Teacher: Stefi Anderson
Principal:  Mark Neidlinger

Pleas for Fluffy started around Nov 25, 2015 on Facebook, according to the Teacher – Fluffy was put down right before Christmas.
Exotic Vet Reports have not been referenced by the School, nor have they responded to the Petition.   Please Sign the Petition 

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(This post written by the mother asking for help, but it was removed before screen captured)

“Calm down. I am the woman who took the bunny in over Thanksgiving break.
He is a school rabbit. He saw a vet. He is getting proper care and will be headed
to an animal sanctuary for special needs bunny’s. The threats to this school and
hate mail to me and children can stop now. We did what we could, and the best
we could, and this has been blown way out of proportion. Its being taken care of.”

Rabbits do not tolerate pain
Rabbits need a proper diet
Special needs rabbits require experienced care


Pine and cedar woods are generally known as softwoods. They are most often used because they give off a nice smell and have a clean look. However, they contain relatively large amounts of phenols and resins which are volatile (evaporate easily), aromatic (with a pleasant aroma) hydrocarbons (large, ring-like chemical structures with a lot of carbon in them)4,6. They are caustic, poisonous, acidic compounds present in these softwoods and can cause liver and kidney damage in rodents, rabbits, cats, dogs, and humans.