Responsible & Ethical Animal Practices Are Not Always Followed By Animal Rescue/Educational Facilities


Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers

When we take the title of a Sanctuary or Rescue we are morally obligated to value ALL Life, no matter how big or small the animal is and that may mean putting a little more effort into finding ways to rehabilitate a carnivore without having to end another animals life.  We have supposedly evolved more than this barbaric practice of feeding pets to other animals and needless and wanton killing of any animal is beyond reprehensible.  Having a Rescue title does not excuse us to act Irresponsibly and it Most Certainly does not give us a reason to Teach bad behavior.

When we call ourselves rescuers we are held to higher standards and a big part of what we do is role modeling and education so it is our responsibility to show people ways to live happily and safely with the animals under our care, if this cannot be accomplished it is also our responsibility to educate the public of irresponsible animal care.
When you work under a 501C3 taking donations the public expects standards to be met, money to be used wisely and questions of concern to be answered without offense.  Condoning or turning a blind eye to unethical or irresponsible care is unacceptable by the public or by rescue workers.



A Zoo is a park or an institution in which living animals are kept and usually exhibited to the public however many Zoo’s unnecessarily use Domestic rabbits to feed their animals.  Ethical zoo’s feed meat animals that have already lost their lives for the human food chain. There is no need whatsoever to feed domesticated PET rabbits to captive wild animals.  Zoo’s charge the public money for a feeding tour where keepers throw whole (dead) rabbits into the lion cages, most in the crowd were children, who got all the best spots in the front.


Rabbit Rescues

Any Rescue that takes in more animals then they can properly care for this should be considered hoarding.  There is a growing concern of domestic rabbits being allowed to Free Roam in yards unprotected from predators, this is happening at rescues and with private owners.  Domestic rabbits do not have the many instincts compared to wild rabbits,  in fact, they have little instincts when it comes to recognizing potential dangers or being quick enough to get away.  Wild rabbits on average live two years before disease or predators get them.

When caretakers are aware of the dangers when allowing domestic rabbits to Free Roam outside without proper housing protection from predators; and they continue to practice unsafe play time while encouraging it to others, this is a promotion of Ignorance.  It is the responsibility of any Rescue to update their practices so the animals in their care are safe, it is also their responsibility as a role model to teach adopters proper care for the animals they purport to have expertise in.
Unsafe housing issues put rabbits in direct danger and can result in severe injury or loss of life, there is no acceptation of this ignorance coming from any Rescue or Sanctuary. There are hundreds of news stories about the horrors of rabbits killed in yards and many articles written on safe outdoor play time as well as safe indoor housing and playtime.

Certainly there are times when large rabbit rescues have a need to house outside;  however they are responsible to provide safe outdoor living space for their rabbits.