Tony and his owner, Michael Sandlin, have been under legal attack by a conglomeration of Animal Rights groups for years and yet as you can see below, Tony is in great shape and has a home that far exceeds most zoos and even the standard habitat of the Big Cats that reside at the sanctuary that began the battle to get him years ago. They have used misleading videos, false allegations and misguided Hollywood stars to raise support and huge amounts of funding for legal action. Despite years of accusations of cruelty and poor health, the only argument made for his removal is a technicality in his permit.

It is time to Help Tony and Michael fight back against the big money that is trying to separate them. If you would like to Support Tony please see the PayPal Links provided at the bottom of the page or shop at the Gift Shop above where all proceeds go to Tony, Thank you.

Here is the truth. Tony is not hit by diesel fuel 24 hours a day. Tony has never been touched by any kind of fuel or liquid other than water. His exhibit is hundreds of feet from any gas or diesel pump. Look at the large grassy enclosure he has! This is his home – four times the size approved.

Keep Tony Where He Is

Tony 2014