Show Rabbit Protection Society?

SRPS started up to defend Debe Bell, who had all her rabbits taken from her and charged with 35 counts of animal cruelty.
(the original website is removed, here is the post)

While calling the story heartbreaking for Debe Bell not the abused rabbits, SRPS describes a sad story of the animal abuser loosing her “beloved” rabbits, rabbits that were living in filth, sick and dying.

SRPS defends this abuse
84 degree temperatures, poor ventilation, rabbits kept in cages where they were found covered in their own filth and feces piled several inches high, with little or no food to sustain them.  Twenty of the rabbits were dead, including a number of animals found in a farm freezer.
Please think about those photos if you support back yard rabbit breeding, please also understand that if you are buying domestic rabbits for food and they are living in these conditions, even if these rabbits appear to be somewhat healthy – they are factually sick – with bacteria such as Staph, Pseudomonas, Pasturella, and Coccidia Parasites, etc.  House Rabbits and Meat Rabbits are genetically the same and carry bacteria at low levels.  When stress or immune defenses are compromised the defense system won’t be adequate to fight such bacteria. Back yard rabbit breeders are not monitored by USDA.

The United States Department of Agriculture classifies rabbits as poultry. Designated as farm animals, meat rabbits are denied legal protection by the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act and Animal Welfare Act.

SRPS is against rabbit rescues and they advise people to buy from breeders instead of adopting, when in fact rabbit breeders and pet stores are the main reason rabbit rescues are needed.  Millions of unwanted rabbits die in shelters, are neglected, and thrown into the wild when no longer cute or become a problem. Rabbit breeders believe rabbits with defects are useless.

Mary Hammond represents SRPS and is the owner of Weed Flemmish Rabbits Rabbitry and sells rabbits / meat rabbits,  Mary promotes that domestic rabbits are humanely killed for food and claims they are protected by AWA.

SRPS state they formed a charitable association to solicit funds, tax exemptions and to help pay breeder impound costs, while promoting the sale of rabbit meat; how does SRPS “protect show rabbits”?

Its is very unprofessional for SRPS to continually threaten, harass and attack people and rabbit rescues on public websites in attempts to discredit them by spreading malicious lies while at the same time claiming they are the victim and are turning everyone over to the FBI.  At the same time they tell their followers to attack rabbit rescues on Social Websites.  SRPS non-factually claims that more abuse occurs within rabbit foster homes of rescue societies and that show rabbit breeders do not want their “beloved” rabbits in these hidden hands –  There is no agenda against SRPS, and AW does not support animal cruelty.

In my Opinion, if rabbit breeders did not abuse their rabbits they would have no need for the concern of loosing them or in being monitored or inspected by the USDA and animal control.  Advice from SRPS to rabbit breeders:
The most important thing a breeder can do to protect themselves is to disallow any investigatory agency, whether a bunny rescue or law enforcement, into their rabbitry without a search warrant in hand.

Stop Rabbit Breeding is not claiming all rabbit breeders keep their rabbits in abusive conditions; however we do believe that the end result of rabbit breeding causes the suffering and death of millions of domestic rabbits.  For EVERY home a breeder rabbit goes to, another rabbit DIES in a shelter.


Contrary to what SRPS is posting on social networks about this website:

In our Opinion SRPS is not interested in protecting rabbits. Despite one sentence on their website that states that they are concerned for the welfare of Show Rabbits, it is clear that their website and Org. is for the protection of breeders of rabbits.

In Rebuttal to the accusations from SRPS: (referenced at the bottom of the page).

SBR is an educational website where articles are referenced, SBR is not “targeting” people who write these articles.  SBR publishes facts only, if stated other than fact it will be noted as Opinion.

This website is not run by a blogger; I am a person who has worked in wildlife rehab, rescuing wildlife and domestic rabbits for 35 years.   I am not AR, I am AW, I do not support the HSUS, PETA or ALDF, nor do I speak on behalf of other rescues and I most certainly do Not support breeding rabbits.

My choice of diet is not open for discussion on this page and has no bearing on my rescue work for animals.  I do not preach to anyone about their diet.  The reality is that people will continue to eat meat however there is no honor or excuse for the disrespect, abuse and barbaric treatment of animals in small farms or factory farms, let alone back yard rabbit breeding.

Here you can read the the arrest affidavit on Debe Bell where the temperature was stated to be 84 degrees. (It is common knowledge that domestic rabbits cannot tolerate high heat for extended periods of time).  Please reference the arrest affidavit for details of the numerous acts of extreme animal cruelty.  In my Opinion it is a total disgrace this person is allowed to own another rabbit and it is more than Offending that an Organization claiming to protect domestic show rabbits supports and encourages this extreme animal cruelty.

The USDA and AWA regulations do Not protect domestic rabbits, they are very clear and stated below:
Back yard rabbit breeders are not monitored by USDA.
Meat rabbits are denied legal protection by the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act and Animal Welfare Act.

Regarding the SRPS comments on BWF and HRS:

As a result of over-breeding and impulse sales/purchases, there are thousands of rabbits currently living in rescues.  With many years of experience with rabbits and rescue work, HRS is known worldwide as one of the most knowledgeable authorities on rabbits.  Their network of rescues, Educators and Vets has become the answer for almost all questions regarding rabbit care.

The disgraceful behavior of pet breeders in Santee Alley in Los Angeles forced caring people to either act or watch infant animals suffer and die.  These very young animals are being sold (illegally) to unknowing people who get to watch as their pet slowly suffers and dies.  The rabbits are usually one to two weeks old and too young to survive without either their mother or very skilled care.  BWF was formed in order that the confiscated infant animals from Santee Alley would have a place to go other than to be euthanized.  Their network of Foster homes hand raises these bunnies until they are old enough to go out for adoption.  Their rescues to date number in the thousands.  Day by day, their fosters and finances have become more exhausted with their only hope being the end of this disgraceful practice.  A new bill in Los Angeles that would ban all pet sales within the city seems to be their only hope of eventually going out of business.  This is their ultimate goal.  HRS & BWF have not been charged with animal cruelty and are composed of Rabbit Experts & Professionals, not Advocates who plead the cause of another.

It is my Opinion that the “Show Rabbit Protection Society” should Change its name to the “Abusive Rabbit Breeders Protection Society–ARBPS.


SRPS quote from Facebook:  5/24/12

I love breeders being active and proactive politically. Sending us links to places we are mentioned and other people mentioned, is great as well. It let’s people know they are being targeted, plus as an aside it is great free publicity! Having said that, I wish people would not obsess over what radical nut jobs say about rabbits, SRPS, Rudolph’s Rabbit Ranch, Debe Bell or whatever the case may be. Understand these “bloggers” whether or not their links are on BWF or not, operate from ignorance of law and on an emotional basis. They do not want meat in any form consumed anymore than HSUS wants meat in any form consumed. Which is why BWF and the others are almost 100% strictly vegetarian. If there concern was only bunny welfare, it would not require stricty vegetariansm.

But since bunny welfare is the smallest part of their political agenda, presto, strict vegetarianism. As far as ignorance goes, a simple example is the one blogger yammering about Bell’s rabbits being at 84 degrees. A bogus charge that needs to be appealed, simply because the Animal Welfare Act, Subpart C applying to Bell, requires NO action be taken to cool a rabbit under 85 degrees inside and 90 degrees outside. So the 84 degree temp charge was merely ONE animal rights veterinarian’s opinion in complete opposition to most state and federal agencies.

The fact that a rabbit blogger or rescue is so incredibly ignorant of actual laws surrounding the welfare of a rabbit should alarm everyone. A fact I pointed out to the USDA this morning- there is more abuse in rabbit rescues then anywhere else on the planet since rescues don’t even bother to educate themselves about laws and requirements in rabbit welfare. Which of course is ABSOLUTELY why rabbit rescues should be included under the new USDA/APHIS proposal to regulate sales. We spent a great deal of time on the phone with them this morning re-iterating that need and using these statements found about SRPS, the breeder in San Joaquin, Janelle’s page, and others on these blogs recently created by BWF and Rabbit Advocates supporters as perfect examples as to why the USDA needs to regulate rescues as well-complete ignorance as to what the law actually states in the Animal Welfare Act. We were assured they are discussing such.

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