The Ableist Abuse…

Mar 6, 2016 — Overlook acres continues the exploitation of baby bunny Wheels even after his death with the Kickstarter project to write a children’s book about the short sad life of baby Wheels while claiming it is an inspirational story for disabled children. The farm has raised $4,010. for the project that will be funded when a $5,000 goal is reached.

Inspiration porn is Not okay and it shames people with disabilities.

Overlook Acres created the entirety of the environment that made baby Wheels disabled. No Vet check was provided and the baby was put on a unfitted skateboard that would cause further injury instead of keeping him confined for healing, he was given dangerous baths, exposed to predators and when the video went viral, the disabled critically sick baby was exploited even more for popularity and profit until he died the day after being forced to perform for 3 TV interviews.

Holding this incident up as inspirational is patronizing to disabled adults and children.

Overlook Acres Quote
“As soon as I had said that we are going to do a book people started messaging me and said, ‘Oh this is so great,'” Ambrosino said. “Particularly disabled children, children who are getting bullied, they are using stories a lot more to kind of show them hey you know what it doesn’t matter if you are different. It doesn’t matter if you have a disability. You can do whatever you want to do.”

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