Pimping a Sick Disabled Bunny

The day before Wheels died, he was pimped out to 3 TV News stations while in critical condition.

The Journalist (Katie Eastman) laughs in amazement while the crippled sick baby bunny struggles to move on a slippery floor falling on his face, if you look closely you can see the urine stained bum of baby Wheels.  Don’t worry more abuse to come on the evening news.


Baby Wheels was forced to perform in critical condition in front of 3 News Stations the day before he died.


not ready for 3 interviews

From the age of about 20 – 21 days old it appears baby Wheels was continually exploited in the media and was dead nine days later on 2/25/16.

After complaints from thousands of people were posted on a public Petition Jason finally took the rabbit to the Vet on 2/25/16 and according to the Vet report “the bunny had respiratory distress, was in a moribund state, with hypothermia (low body temperature) and bradycardia (slow heart rate)”.

According to this photo dated 2/6/16 Wheels was about 8 weeks old when he was brought into the house to become a pet, he was found injured crippled and half frozen and when cleaned up bite marks were found on his spine area. He was born in a commune that appears too small for the amount of rabbits where several litters froze to death from inappropriate housing where he was bitten and injured by an adult doe in a dirty environment that could have caused the baby to go into systemic shock.


On 2/17/16 the a video of Wheels was posted on the Overlook Acres Facebook page and started circulating all over Facebook. As the video went viral all over the internet, more and more videos were taken of Wheels performing on this inappropriate skateboard. More interviews were made as well as fundraisers.


Wheels was in critical condition from day one however, there were no updates posted showing Wheels saw an Exotic Rabbit Vet or even research done to find out how to properly care for an injured handicapped baby rabbit. (a fragile prey animal that stresses out very easily and cannot tolerate pain well). Only posts about media pimping his cuteness, this can be referred to as media whoring and exploitation for popularity and profit.

Instead of protecting and restricting the critically injured fragile baby bunny in an area so not to further damage his injury he was immediately and ignorantly put on a home made skate board that was not fitted by a Vet that most likely exacerbated the injury while being further stressed out by dangerous bathing, dog and cat (predator interaction) and repeatedly being forced to perform for FB videos and for news interviews on slippery floors which further cause issues for baby bunnies when he should have been in a quiet setting receiving special care.

Prompt treatment of any cause of hind limb paresis (particularly trauma) is essential to give the best chance of full recovery and information can be found in about 5 minutes on the internet.
Hind Limb Paresis and Paralysis in Rabbits

Deceiving the public as rescue heroes when you caused the baby’s health issues is not acceptable, using a critically injured baby bunny to receive publicity and donations is not acceptable.  The farm is responsible for the condition of the baby from birth to death and sadly this is not a happy rescue story it is a sad heartbreaking story of ignorance and cruelty.

You can read Jason Ambrosino’s statement of excuses here along with using a sad Military story to gain sympathy while he continues to attempt pimping Baby Wheels out after his sad heartbreaking loss.

Out of respect for the baby WPM has not changed the spelling of his original name.

2.20 bath


2.23 more playing




after bath




spinal injury





RIP Precious Baby Wheels ~ Binky Free ~

From the age of about 20 – 21 days old it appears baby Wheels was continually exploited in the media and was dead nine days later on 2/25/16 but that was not enough fame and greed… 
The farm needs help publishing a Misleading “uplifting and wonderful ” story of a “rescued” baby rabbit.

Don’t worry if Wheels died, they just happen to have a “clay mold” of his paw to sign the book to fulfill their pledges!


WAIT !!  $5,000. is not enough!  The farm needs Stretch Goals of $6,500 – $7,500 to make even more money!




Let’s not  forget the “Humane” Rabbit Castle funding page so the farm can raise even more of Wheel’s family members for slaughter.   A bigger rabbit castle where more baby bunnies can freeze to death and be thrown by adult rabbits out of their nests to suffer with injuries, a commune of insufficient housing for too many rabbits with lack of protection from the cold, for the young or from fighting.  Don’t worry, if they survive they will be “humanely” bashed over the head and put on the dinner table.








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