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Before reviewing let’s remember the reason for the Petition
“This video may appear as a heartwarming rescue story however; rabbits on this farm live a short life and are slaughtered for food or sold.  As this video spreads giving the impression of rescue, in reality this baby’s family and friends are being slaughtered and most of the 6 litters bornfroze to death due to inappropriate housing and insufficient protection of the young which resulted in Wheels back/spine injury and him also being found half frozen”.  

Let’s Review a new statement posted on Facebook by Overlook Acres.


“Overlook Acres Let me clear a couple things up real quick:”

Now the KickStarter above is for a childrens book we have decided to do of Wheelz – it is not a fundraiser for Wheelz, it is a KickStarter campaign, where if funded those who have backed the campaign will receive a particular “award” based on their backing level.

Review: (1)  The petition does not state you or the farm asked for donations for Wheels however, does state there is no mention of Wheels receiving Vet care on either donation page.  
The KickStarter fundraiser for a children’s book states you love your farm, lifestyle, sustainable living and the bunny.  There is no mention you breed rabbits and kill them for food while you ask the public to help you tell Wheels wonderful story.
The fundraiser also states: ”Despite all odds, wheels keeps on rolling along. Help us tell his wonderful story in a high quality illustrated children’s book”.

Not exactly understanding what part of his life is considered “wonderful”, according to the farms posts Wheels was bitten on the spine and tossed from the nest into a area with adult rabbits to freeze and be abused. His life was spared when the rest of his family & friends are being killed for food.  He is displayed all over the internet appearing to be a rescued bunny on a cute home made cart but in reality the cart may be causing more harm to his already injured back.
He is encouraged to run this cart on a slippery floor where he is in danger of his front legs becoming Splay legged.
Wheels is also seen being given a dangerous bubble bath for a “soiled bottom”.  Not clear if “soiled” is urine or soft stool, both are a health concern for various reasons and there is still no mention of him receiving Vet care for his injury.

For anyone having knowledge of handicapped rabbits it is clear he is not being provided proper care or what is best for his long term welfare.  The farm states he is not in pain however, being prey animals rabbits hide pain and this can’t be determined without an Exotic Vet exam.

#2) The GoFundMe page was indeed originally made in spite of some comments we were receiving early on. It says very clearly on the GoFundMe page that the money is being used to build a “Humanely Harvested Rabbit Castle” and then I provide some product options for those that want to donate. The GoFundMe was never intended for vet bills, we can handle those on our own, it very clearly states what the purpose is.

Review: (2)   You are now publicly stating you defrauded the public and posted this fundraiser as a joke.  
Ticking off some trolls

 A happy bunny is a tasty bunny?

The GoFundMe fundraiser indeed states you are asking for money to build a better rabbit enclosure while claiming you “humanely harvest” rabbits.  (Crops are harvested, animals are slaughtered/killed).  You go further stating you will teach others how to “humanely kill” rabbits when actually you have not responded to the many questions on your FB wall of exactly how you kill the rabbits. 
I would like to publicly ask you to provide proof “humane killing” is actually happening on your purported humane farm because it is my opinion you are not humanely killing domestic rabbits.  

#3) If I come off like Im starting to have a bit of an attitude, maybe it is because I am – I just can not for the life of me wrap my brain around how anyone thinks that somehow or someway society is going to all of a sudden not eat meat. I just don’t get that. I can understand people making life choices I just can’t understand them trying to impose it on other people. I would think that someone who genuinely cares about animals would be rational enough to understand that humans eat meat and could only hope that if someone is going to eat meat that it be raised and harvested in the most humane way possible. I understand that many of you probably don’t get farm life, many have probably never stepped out of the city – but I urge you to do so. Go visit a factory farm, go visit a commercial sized egg laying operation – even one that is “cage free”. After you do that I want you to start visiting your local farms and hobby farmers, and people who are just running a sustainable homestead – then ask yourself, is one really no different than the other? I know you can not rationalize with ideological purity – but please for the sake of everyone that has liked this page and wants to follow the farm – just keep your comments to yourself, we all know you HATE meat eaters, we got it. Please just go else where to waste your time.

Review: (3)  If I (Linda Sue) come off like I am having an attitude, maybe it is because it is my opinion that all facts lead to show you are using a crippled baby bunny who many be suffering to gain popularity and donations while the public believes you are a hero because of your lack transparency with real facts on your video.

You may very well be having an intense discussion on your wall about eating rabbits and meat; however the Petition and dismay is not about eating meat, it is clearly about misleading the public by pulling their heartstrings, while in fact (according to your own posts) there has been no Vet care for the baby rabbit to date.

FACEBOOK VIDEO POST BELOW (no mention of breeding the rabbits to kill for meat) –
just bragging about the rescue of Wheels, a life you spared from being food while his family and friends were or are being killed.  Seeing your touching video of bonding with the baby (the baby who is so appreciative to just be alive and loved) the general public has no idea you kill rabbits for meat because they don’t go past the heartfelt appearance of the video. Even if they did, there is still no mention of rabbit slaughter.

At this point you continue making new videos and are now bringing other babies in the house to play with Wheels and repeatedly pushing him near them if he decides to go to another part of the room, bunnies he will become fond of and never see after they become killing age.  You continue making new videos for the public to enjoy without again telling them the other babies will be killed for food.
Who doesn’t love a baby in a wheelchair?  Everyone does, especially one that kisses the caregiver.

Overlook Acres Video

“Sometimes with farm life you have to make hard decisions….like putting down an animal because the quality of life is no longer good. However, at Overlook Acres we do what we can. Over the past few weeks we have had about 6 litters of bunnies born. We lost many to the frigid temperatures of upstate New York. But thanks to Christine Griffith she took the remaining bunnies inside and bottle fed each one. I found this little guy in the barn stiff and half frozen and brought him inside. After a few days of warmth he was eating normal but wasnt moving his back legs. It appeared he was paralyzed from his belly down. Normally this circumstance would result in putting the animals down and out of his misery but he didnt seem to be in any pain. He managed to still pull himself around the floor and was moving faster than the other babies. So, Christine took it upon herself to buy a $1 skateboard toy at the dollar store and manuifacture a mini wheel chair body for this little guy. He is as happy as can be and loves his speed. Share the video if you would like. Who doesn’t love a baby bunny in a wheelchair??”


Once the misleading video went viral, 2 fundraisers were posted, one to write a book about the ever so heroic saving of Wheels and another to make the farm’s private killing area a Castle.   Lastly a deal to make even more money off of Wheels with Storyful who will further spread this deceiving video in the media, which you forgot to include this in your statement today.

All while no Vet care for little Wheels the beautiful precious rabbit you claim to love, the rabbit excluded from ending up on your dinner plate and according to your posts, only inappropriate care has been given that will further harm his condition.

You post two different spellings of his name, Wheels & Wheelz, is there a problem remembering the spelling of a rabbit you love so much? 

You have removed every question or statement on your FB wall whether it was respectful or not and blocked people with concerns whom you call Trolls.

Thank you for confirming you have not asked for donations to help Wheels get the Vet care he needs. There seems to be changing stories and comments posted, so please let me know if I have left anything out.

Thank you for sparing the baby’s life, there are Rabbit Rescues experienced in handicapped and special needs rabbits, and rescue persons that would Love to give Wheels a loving forever home and the Vet care he deserves as well as a bonded mate to love.  Offer standing –

For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue


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