Death of Wheels

Feb 25, 2016 — Total disregard has been given to the welfare of a crippled baby bunny in critical condition.

The day before Wheels died he was forced to perform on video in front of 3 News Stations despite the fact that Jason Ambrosino stated ” he is still very very young, fragile and TINY — I was bit worried today with three interviews and being handled so much, Im not sure he is quite ready for that yet”.

From the age of about 20 – 21 days old it appears baby Wheels was continually exploited in the media and was dead nine days later on 2/25/16.

After complaints from thousands of people were posted on a public Petition Jason finally took the rabbit to the Vet on 2/25/16 and according to the Vet report “the bunny had respiratory distress, was in a moribund state, with hypothermia (low body temperature) and bradycardia (slow heart rate)”.


 After taking a dying baby rabbit into a non exotic Vet, this Vet was unfairly asked for a report to expose to the world.
Necropsy was not done, yet Jason is seen informing the public that Wheels died because he was a “peanut”  which is a term used in breeding “dwarf rabbits” and said to occur in bad breeding.  He received this diagnosis from another rabbit breeder.




It is the opinion of the Petitioners that Baby Wheels unnecessarily suffered from the time he was found half frozen and crippled with bite marks on his spine due to insufficient housing (that caused several litters of babies to freeze to death) – until the day he died – after his welfare and care were put second to pimping him out for popularity and profit. For those reasons, animal cruelty should be considered.

Just when you thought Baby Wheels could not be disrespected and exploited further…



Read more details HERE  and see the video by Katie Eastman the day before Wheels died. 




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