No Justice for Beau

Upon research when speaking with the Foster of Beau by email, it is my Opinion that they had little experience with Special Needs rabbits. When speaking with Animal Control per phone, I was informed that they could not look up the if the abuser of Beau was charged with animal cruelty without the address where the rabbit was found. I was told that the Nevada SPCA had this address but my calls to them were ignored.  Upon writing the Nevada SPCA by email it is my Opinion they turned my questions and concerns into allegations and accusations and at that point I was told the correspondence was being flagged for potential libel to their attorney.

Help was not given, or facts provided to find Beau’s Abuser therefore, I am not aware if they were arrested and I could not post a Cause Page for Justice. It is my Belief if this was a dog or cat the abuser would have been looked for, when are domestic rabbits going to be giving the same respect as other household pets?

I am so sorry Beau, RIP.


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Mar 25, 2013 3:01pm

San Diego Companion Rabbit Society, Inc

Nevada SPCA (Las Vegas) has contacted HRS to see if we can help spread the word about Beau. This handsome beau was left behind in an apartment with a broken back, urine scald and other signs of neglect. He’s with them now and they are treating his immediate needs. They are hoping to place Beau with a family who finds joy in caring for “special needs” bunnies. If you are interested, please contact Brandy, bunny manager at the NVSPCA ( Her cellular is 702-858-5262. The word is, Beau is “super sweet!”Fellow bunny lovers, let’s help find Beau a home. Please share this post with all your friends.
San Diego Companion Rabbit Society, Inc Sadly, we just learned this morning that sweet Beau passed away in the night. He was in the loving care of a shelter volunteer’s home where we hope he knew he was loved…..

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