Munson’s Story

Update: August 21, 2013

Munson is now living at the Flopsy Parker Memorial Sanctuary:!the-flopsy-parker-memorial-sanctuary  He 
has finally gained enough weight he can be neutered.  He has been off panacur for a week and antibiotics 3 weeks still wobbling and tilt are gone. He can run, groom himself, and play.  Thank you all for being a part of his rescue and happy ending, we love you Munson.













On June 16,2013 I saw this album cover picture in my newsfeed. (well nestle’s newsfeed) it’s a picture of a bunny eating grass/clover in an abandoned lot in jersey city. it said this bunny is still out there…he has been out there since march 2013! he also had another bunny friend who hasn’t been seen for weeks 🙁 the photo was taken by April Mosen who is a wonderful person who feeds the neighborhood homeless cats and also does TNR (trap-neuter-return) with them.

April began feeding the bunnies as well as the cats. she called some bunny rescue people to see if they could capture the bunnies and get them to a rescue. they came out and were not successful in locating the bunnies. these 2 bunnies somehow survived months in an abandoned lot, crossing the streets regularly, hanging out with cats, eating anything they could find. so on june 16, 2013 I sent out a message to a bunch of my jersey friends asking them to please go look for those bunnies! that is when I was introduced to Tammie Wilson who is another wonderful lady who said she would go look for them. I sent them the photo of the rabbit and a couple maps of exactly where they have been hanging out. Tammie went looking for them but didn’t see the either. I told them, if you find him I will take him and i will find him a home. I thought about this bunny a lot and wondered how much longer he was going to make it out there?

A few days later one of my friends that I had asked to look for the bunnies (Stephanie Welsher) was notified that liberty humane society had a couple of bunnies brought in and when she compared photos she realized it was the one I was looking for! the other bunny is a very cute lion head but not one from the abandoned lot. so Stephanie went to liberty HS and picked them up. from there this bunny (now Munson) went to Tammie and Tammie was kind enough to meet me in NY yesterday to deliver him to me. Thank you so much everyone who helped make this happen! ❤ munson thanks you. he’s not a healthy bunny right now, either from EC or from all the toxic stuff he has been around (or eaten) for the past few months. he’s strong though and I am determined to fatten him up, get him neutered and find him a fantastic forever home!

and I forgot to give a BIG THANK YOU to Lori Mills who introduced me to Tammie and helped make all this happen!

*update July 7, 2013 Munson does not have EC (his titer test came back negative at 0.1) so we are left thinking he may have brain damage due to toxins that he inhaled/ate while he was living in a parking lot for 3 months. or perhaps even a heat stroke?  He needs more testing to determine exactly what is causing his issues.  He struggles with his balance and it’s hard for him to complete tasks like washing his face or cleaning his feet without falling over 🙁 for now I’m just concentrating on fattening him up a little! he’s very relaxed in his new space, spends the day eating and flopping without a care in the world!

Thank you for Caring about Musons, Jessica Frey Cucka

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