Disgrace of Alondra Park CA

Please contact Linda Baley from “Too Many Bunnies” for updated information, they have received the feral rabbits from this Park.

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Alondra Park has been a dumping ground for domestic rabbits for Years and no one seems to be interested in humanely addressing the current issue of 50- 200 injured, malnourished and diseased domestic rabbits continuing to suffer on this Island. On Dec. 23, 2007 Linda Baley from Too Many Bunnies Rabbit Rescue was contacted by a woman stating she saw to ‘Domestic’ rabbits stranded on the island at Alondra Park; Linda has been trying to rescue these rabbits ever since. Domestic rabbits are not the same species as a wild rabbit and when kept outside die from starvation, disease, and predation and Alondra Park is a perfect example of this.

According to eyewitness Linda Baley on May 31, 2012 Alondra Park was getting ready for upcoming Cat Fishing Event. Joe Mendoza deputy director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, south region instructed his ground crews to do their annual clean up of the palm fronds that fall from the trees on the Island and blanket the acre of property in the dept of 2 or 3 feet. The dumped domestic rabbits use these fronds for food and a safe place to hide and nest. The backhoe drivers scooped up the large amount of fronds which included live rabbits, birds and nests into the dump trucks, bird eggs were left on the ground.

Linda arrived on the Island and witnessed the end of the clean up job which included viewing rabbits and birds being scooped up by the backhoe;  she stopped the backhoe driver which in turn called his boss Joe Mendoza. Mr. Mendoza at that time stopped the driver and instructed the rest of the clean up to be done by hand, however the job was already done and the live animals and nests were piled into 2 dump trucks and taken off to the composting site, which consists of a shredder/mulcher. These live animals are assumed to have suffered severe injuries, suffocated or were chopped up alive.

Collection of pictures taking in May. Specifically show the pictures of the backhoe, dump truck, bunny hiding the pile of debris and the two eggs left after the removal of the nest. Photos of dead squirrels, turtles, geese, ducks, coots are also referenced at the Park. Why are all these animals dying in a Park that claims to be a Sanctuary?



Linda states she was locked off the island the very next day and no longer permitted on the Island where she welcomed since 2007.
These photos were taken at noon – 90 degrees outside, the gate is fixed so you cant put animals through it – but you cant get food to the animals inside either. Rabbits cannot tolerate high temperatures and heat- these rabbits are starving. Note that they have mites – which doesn’t happen unless their immune systems are already compromised.
May 31, 2012. The white bunny and the black & white bunny are pictures of two rabbits removed from the island back in 2007. The rest were taken during return visits in May 2012.

Since 2007, Linda has been constantly contacting both county parks and county animal control trying to work out a better solution. According to Linda every summer rabbits are dumped at the Park, every summer the Park shuts off the water supply and the only lake found is about 2 feet down a bank where rabbits fall into the lake and drown. Rabbits are seen as pests on the Island, Park visitors claim to have seen County grounds crews chasing rabbits with shovels trying to kill them.

Visitors of the Park are Saddened by the homeless animals.
“Took my niece Kelly to Alondra Park, it’s next to El Camino College. Lots of ducks, bunnies and squirrels there…almost a bit over populated, too bad you can’t adopt them. They are in a caged island in the middle of the park”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLjRVGqBlYY

Sept. and Oct. videos taken by park goers

Linda states that Evalina Villa assistant to S. County Supervisor: Aron Reeys explained to her that the Parks Dept and Animal Control would like to handle this problem quietly and internally, they recently posted a video with music of the feral domestic rabbits portraying supposedly healthy animals being cared for by the Parks dept. SNIP “Rumors continue to be spread that rabbits at Alondra Park are being subjected to inhumane treatment. This is absolutely untrue”. County of Los Angeles Department of Parks & Recreation-

Why is Alondra Park taking these rabbits to Carson Shelter where they will be put down when there is a Rabbit Rescue waiting to take these rabbits?

According to this article Carson Shelter should be investigated for animal cruelty, what is going on in this Community?

Animal Cruelty Laws
California leads the nation by enacting the strictest laws punishing abuse of, cruelty towards or neglect of animals, do these Laws not apply to County Government?

It is Outrageous and offending that a Park run by Local Government that should be setting a good example for citizens has allowed the feral rabbit situation to explode into a case of extreme animal cruelty and neglect. Referencing the California Animal Cruelty Laws – Charges are in Order. “This statutes states that anyone who maliciously and intentionally maims, mutilates, tortures, or wounds a living animal, or maliciously and intentionally kills an animal, is guilty of an offense punishable by imprisonment in the state prison, or by a fine of not more than twenty thousand dollars”….

Inhumane Treatment: State Penal Code Sec. 597 and County Code Sec. 10.12.160 forbid the abusing, mistreatment, torturing and subjecting any animal to needless suffering. These laws provide that no animal may be deprived of proper food, water or shelter. Violation of these laws can result in felony charges. Please report any case of inhumane animal treatment or neglect to your local animal control agency.

SCVNEWS: Carson Shelter, The rabbits will receive a medical evaluation?  Are they being treated or killed?

Park and Animal Care & Control References
Alondra Park Director: Russ Guiney
” We proudly maintain these parks for you and hope you will visit us soon!”

Kaye Michelson, special assistant LA County Dept. of Parks of Recreation
Mika Yamamoto, a regional operations manager for the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation

Joe Mendoza, Deputy director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, south region:

Yvette Maufas, L.A. Co Parks & Recreation Dept 310-217-8376

LA County Dept of Animal Care & Control:
Marcia Mayeda, Director
Aaron Reyes, Deputy Director, South County-Operations

Gil Moreno,manager at Los Angeles County Animal Care Control Carson Shelter

PLEASE FILE Animal Cruelty COMPLAINTS with the following people, you may use the above information in your complaint however, please do not alter the message, if you like you may add your own opinion at the bottom of your message.  We do not honor disrespectful, hearsay or non-factual complaints.  Be sure to ask for a verification your email was received so that you may follow up.

Kamala Harris – Attorney General: – File Online

LA County Supervisor, Second District:  Mark Ridley-Thomas –
File Online
Call or email here:

Aggravated Hoarding (where there are sick/injured animals which the owner is not capable of properly caring for-not owning too many)
Aggravated Neglect (i.e., failure to obtain medical attention for broken bones, maggot infestations, neglecting to the point that the animal becomes extremely emaciated, pressure necrosis, etc.)
Aggravated Abuse (ex. acts that cause injury)
Last Chance For Animals (LCA), often referred to as the “FBI of Animal Rights”
TipLine: 323-730-5300
Online Complaint: http://spcala.com/aps/crueltytipline.php

Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff :
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
4700 Ramona Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau… 323- 267-4800

U.S. Fish and Game
Please file a complaint regarding the birds dying at Alondra Park.  Please ask Fish & Game if they are being poisoned?
Alicia King, Communications Coordinator

Rabbits at Carson Shelter
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