Don’t Dump!

Reasons NOT to Dump your Bunny!

If you currently have a domestic rabbit that you no longer want or feel you can no longer care for and are considering releasing him into the wild, PLEASE DON’T THROW HIM AWAY, call a rescue!

  • Rabbits are domesticated – that means they cannot survive if abandoned in the wild.
  • Domestic rabbits have no defense against  ticks, parasites,  fleas, insect bites or fly strike, which result in sickness, inability to walk, maggots and painful death. 
  • Rabbits are easy prey and totally defenseless against cars, dogs, wildlife and guns.
  • The diet of a domestic rabbit is radically different than that of its cousin, the wild rabbit. The domestic rabbit would not know the right things to eat.
  • The stress of being released into a large field would easily frighten the rabbit to death, you don’t ever want to hear a rabbit scream.
  • The weather in the wild contribute to illness in your pet rabbit.
  • They have no wild instincts to know where to go and hide.
  • Injured rabbits are instant prey to a predator.

Please do not give your rabbit away to a “FREE” home, rabbits are used as snake food, dog baiting, for food and in labs.

Rabbits are silent beings, they are very intelligent and social beings. It is YOUR responsibility to take care of a rabbit you have taken in, just as parents take care of their children, you are responsible to make sure that it lives a full and healthy life.  Your rabbit does not deserve to be abandoned, if you dump your rabbit in the wild, you are giving him a death sentence. PLEASE consider other options and call a Rabbit Rescue for advice. Rabbits are wonderful pets and contribute to our lives in many joyful ways.

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