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Sloan Womick Gracie pdf  of Facebook posts by Gracie’s owner.

Gracie’s Fundraiser

Not long after Gracie’s Vet bills were paid, I was blocked on Facebook. I found these posts in a search today 3/1/17 regarding Gracie. Sadly it appears that Gracie suffered with ear mites so severe that it caused fur loss and she was stated as being left outside to live free in the yard during bitter winter despite concerns. I am appalled and saddened to find out this precious rabbit is gone and that our offers of help were blocked. I am so sorry Gracie, I spoke with the Vet and we all though you were in good care.  I tried contacting the Vet but sadly he passed away recently. 




Gracie Passed

5/2015 – 2016?
Gracie is gone, from all I have read the owner claimed the rabbit was misdiagnosed with snuffles while having mites however, that does not change the fact that she took donation money to care for Gracie then blocked me after the fact while the rabbit suffered and was left living in the yard in all weather conditions.

It is also not honorable to block people who trusted you and donated to help your animal and then go from group to group posting for help elsewhere regarding a severe mite condition.
To the owner, you did wrong by this rabbit and the rabbit community, I don’t know the circumstances of her death but it is concerning reading your posts about rabbits living with chickens or near pitbulls and there was absolutely no excuse to allow ear/fur mites so bad that fur was gone (neglect) or leave her in the yard in bad weather after I not only educated you on proper care of domestic rabbits but offered to help you at any time, as well as many others who cared about Gracie. If you could no longer care for her we would have taken her to foster or to rescue. I am totally disgusted and heartbroken for Gracie, certainly rabbits like to run in the yard, kids like to play in the street too, we as caretakers are and should be responsible. You are fortunate I was not aware of Gracie’s condition after you blocked me because you would of been turned in for what appears to be neglect and possible fraud. I tried calling the Vet this morning to sadly find he passed away.
RIP beautiful Gracie I am so sorry you went from an abusive breeder only to live one year in what appears to be more sad conditions.

Links to Facebook posts (the pdf above)


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