VP of the ISRBA

Rabbits are prey animals and hide illness to avoid being selected for dinner by predators. Unlike other animals, they cannot pant effectively to dissipate heat.  These rabbits may Appear healthy, however living in piles of feces and urine, being exposed to weather elements and living in small crowed caging create stress, illness and disease while they suffer in silence.

November 12, 2013
Almost 400 rabbits and 3 dogs taken from Southport IN home of Rick Cartheuser – “Vice President of the Indiana State Rabbit Breeders Association”.   

“The smell of rabbit urine and feces burns through the air in the this neighborhood between Meridian and Bluff Road. Neighbors, tired of the smell and rodents, called police and Animal Control demanding action”. According to Marcus Brown of Animal Care and Control: “When we pull the cages away, there were a hundred mice that came running through.”

Rabbits seen crowded in small cages, the legs are sticking out of the cage holes where they have opportunity to get stuck and break.

Photo referenced and owned by WTHR News


“What does it say about an industry when someone facing charges for care and treatment violations of over 375 rabbits is the Vice President ( Rick Cartheuser) of the Indiana State Rabbit Breeders Association”?   
Despite previous warnings, living conditions did not improve for these the rabbits.  Part of the agreed judgment states that he will not be able to own more than 15 within the county, he will also be responsible for paying the bonding cost as well as the spay-neuter for the 15 rabbits so they won’t breed and he won’t be able to increase.  He will also be subject to periodic inspections by Animal Care and Control.

Hundreds of Bunnies Confiscated


Rabbit breeders supporting owner of confiscated animals and –  his abuse of rabbits.

Updated: Jun 19, 2013
Hundreds of rabbits seized from a south Indianapolis home are headed to rescue programs.
Rick Cartheuser agreed in court Wednesday to surrender all but 15 of his rabbits to the city. The director of Animal Care & Control, Daniel Shackle, says Cartheuser will pay for those 15 rabbits to be spayed and neutered.  Cartheuser will also be prohibited from future rabbit breeding in Marion County as part of the agreement.

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