Harrison Co. WV Cruelty

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Adoption Form  – Rabbit Farmer and personal Friend of Lt. Scolapio was given 2 doz rabbits instead of giving them to Rescues –
Malnourished, Bite wounds & Bulging eyes from stress, Contagious URI”S – pasturella, snuffles or pneumonia, Caked feces, Contagious parasites, Urine scald, Rotten skin from urine soaked fur, Skin infection/multiple abscesses, Matted fur – a painful condition leading to skin infection, Overgrown teeth, Neurological disorder, Ulcerated corneas.   Baby rabbits, Pregnant rabbits, Contagious – sick suffering rabbits left without medical care, all rabbits – healthy or sick, given away FREE to anyone without restrictions by the Humane Officer who purports rescuing them from cruelty and neglect.
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This beautiful & sick rex rabbit was left at Animal Control and given away FREE to the public with Contagious Snuffles, Pasturella or Pneumonia on 4/5/14.
snuffels, pasturella, pneumonia

More than 200 rabbits seized at county residence


Local Animal Rescue Organization Helping Care for Rabbits Seized from Residence

 “One volunteer, who asked to have her name stay confidential, said these rabbits were in the worst conditions they’ve seen.
We found everything from flea infestations, mites, other parasites, urine scald, rotting flesh, bite wounds. The Angoras were the worst matted rabbits we’ve seen in over 26 years of doing rescue work. At least one has a neural disorder, and one small rabbit has the corneas of both eyes ulcerated,”
Representatives said that all the rabbits will have some problems, and there are things to look for if you got one of them.”A lot of these rabbits look fine, but they should be quarantined for three weeks and watched closely. If they see sneezing, runny nose, noisy breathing, head tilt, incoordination, diarrhea, or if the rabbits are not eating properly they need to go to a vet,”

Wallace Woman Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty Charges after Police Seize More Than 150 Rabbits




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