Corrine Osterman Watch

The Facebook page – Corrine Osterman Watch was removed and the poster of the page blocked after Corrine reported the page for bullying and harassment.
However, Corrinne posted statements on several posts before removing then and then reporting the page.

blocked twice



Response to Corrinne’s statement on Facebook

Corrinne, we were all in a group helping the rabbits taken from a bad situation, you did not reach out to one person in that group for help.  All the while you were posting on websites and on Facebook asking for unwanted rabbits stating you run the rescue.  You also had a donation page up for the rabbits in your care.

According to the AC reports and photos, you and your husband starved and neglected the rabbits keeping them in small filthy cages.  Rabbit remains were also found that were the helpless bunnies were ripped apart alive by your dogs.  All a result of your neglect, causing their suffering and death.

You were also stated by AC to have sold or give away rabbits in yard sells (complaints by neighbors) and rabbits were found running loose.
Sadly these rabbits were taken from one bad situation and were placed with a purported safe rescue, but instead found a living hell of suffering and death under your care.  

The rabbits were on your property under you and your husbands care and you were both charged with animal cruelty for this reason.  You and your husband were Responsible.  It is not known why your charges were dismissed, inquiry is pending and will be posted asap.

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unwanted bunnies



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