Corrinne Osterman

Corrinne Osterman portrayed herself as a rescue person for a few years.
She was trusted by not only the Rescue that turned over ownership to her but also the Rescue Community because that Rescue had a good reputation.
Over 100 rabbits dead or missing within 3 months under her care.
Corrinne Ostermen was found to have starved, neglected, did not medicate sick rabbitsand gave away rescued rabbits entrusted to her at her personal yard sells. It was also stated her dogs broke into the Rescue Barn and killed several rabbits on more than one occasion and some were found running loose on her property.

When found out, she was reported to Animal Control and the Police but sadly only 46 rabbits survived her neglect and abuse and were taken to safety.
Corrinne deceived the rescues and people that worked so hard to save the rabbits, but mostly deceived the suffering and lost bunnies who deserved a chance at life but instead, were trapped in her living hell hole.

Please beware and share this page to educate others.
Please do not adopt, foster or allow Corrinne Osterman to even transport rabbits or other animals.

No matter how well you feel you may know someone, before entrusting them with living beings who depend on care, please research them, be sure they are experienced, qualified or trained, do background checks and get professional references. The animals lives depend on it.

Read the Chubbuck Police Department LAW Incident Table (Report) Here:

State of Idaho vs.
Corrinne Osterman, 10/9/2015

Case: CR-2015-0015843-MD
I25-3504 {M} Animals-Commit Cruelty to Animals
Officer: Chubbuck Police,, 4000

I25-3511 Animals-Permit Animals to Go Without Care
Officer: Chubbuck Police,, 4000
Finding: Dismissed By Prosecutor

State of Idaho vs.
Sherrod C Osterman  (Husband)

Court Finding: Guilty- (I25-3504 {M} Animals-Commit Cruelty to Animals)
Court Finding: Guilty- (I25-3511 Animals-Permit Animals to Go Without Care)

Search by case number on the Idaho repository

Update 1/20/2016
Re: Charges dropped on Corinne
Per Stephen J. Muhonen Prosecuting Attorney for the cities of Chubbuck:
“The defendant’s spouse accepted responsibility for the misconduct and pled guilty to the charges”.


Corrinne Osterman Facebook Page

Sherrod Osterman- Facebook Page

The Facebook page – Corrine Osterman Watch was removed by Facebook and the poster of the was page blocked after Corrine reported the page
for bullying and harassment.  
However, Corrinne posted a statements on several posts and then removed her posts before reporting the page.  Click Here to see posts

SEE PHOTOS from the Chubbuck Police Department LAW Incident Table (Report) 
Click on photo to enlarge
(Please note: due to the large size of the report .pdf, the photos needed to be extracted to upload).
Dead rabbits, starving rabbits, most with no food or water stuffed in small cages left to die while living in their own feces and urine.
Rabbit bones and fur were found throughout the shed from dogs killing the rabbits.

Other photos taken at the shed prior confiscation




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