Cody Allen

Cody Allen, claimed breeder and suspected fake Facebook user.
You will find Cody Allen posting untrue and slanderous statements against Rabbit Rescues and Rabbit Advocates on various Facebook pages.




3/9/15:  Cody promised to post the proof of his accusations regarding Linda Sue when he finished work.
Since being confronted on various Facebook posts and through FB email, Cody has blocked Linda Sue
and also disabled or removed his/her FB page.


Facebook profile that was located at the following link:


@ Cody Allen, if you decide to come back online can you please post a copy of the Police Reports regarding Linda Sue being arrested (on multiple occasions) for animal hoarding, identity fraud and charges of stealing donations, animals and supplies from rescues, along with the names of the blacklisted Rabbit Rescues across America, in the comment section below?

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